Mar 31, 2016

Houston storage units are a great resource for people who lack space in their homes or need to keep their items safe. But in order to utilize the space to its fullest, you need to take the proper precautions for packing a Houston storage unit. In addition, you want to be absolutely clear about the rules of your storage company regarding the items that can be kept within one of its facilities. This begs the following question: what items belong in a Houston storage unit? Big Tex Storage highlights these key

Mar 16, 2016

Houston's hot summers are infamous around the country, especially as the humidity climbs to scorching levels. While families enjoy cooling off at the pool or on a fun vacation, they're not the only ones who would enjoy AC or cool climate. Why Houston Climate Controlled Storage? During the summertime, air conditioning becomes mandatory to keep you cool and safe - and storage units in Houston share that feeling too. Houston's humidity can cause substantial damage to certain items in non-climate controlled storage units. On the other hand, some climate controlled storage

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