Sep 25, 2018

Placing items in self-storage provides a variety of advantages based on your specific needs. You may need storage to keep extra items, you may be making a cross-country move, or you might require more storage space options if you are running out of room in your apartment or home. However, burglars occasionally try to target storage units since it is easier to get a lot of valuable items all at once in a smaller location with fewer people around to notice the activity. Here at Big Tex Self Storage, we have

Sep 12, 2018

Self-storage facilities are a staple for individual and residential customers, but they are often overlooked as a valuable resource for commercial organizations. For a space-strapped small business, using secure business self-storage frees up valuable office and selling space and allows for more efficient and organized operations. Secure Document Storage All businesses have documents they need to keep but don’t need daily access to. Choosing a secure, climate-controlled setting for your paperwork ensures your pieces are there when you need them, but that they are not cluttering up your workspace. For documents

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