Oct 31, 2018

What do you do with your vintage china, record player, paintings, or even fur coats that you inherited from your grandparents? They may hold great sentimental value, in some cases, collectors may even value them for a lot of money. If you're not ready to sell, you'll need to preserve them yourself. Explore some tested tips to help you store expensive, fragile items securely. CHOSE SAFE STORAGE FOR VALUABLE AND FRAGILE ITEMS The best choices for secure storage of valuables may depend upon the nature of those items. Machines, appliances, artwork,

Oct 3, 2018

Maybe you need a place to house that collection of stuff you plan to sell on eBay, eventually. Perhaps, you're between permanent housing and need to store the bulk of your belongings. In whatever case, having access to self-storage is highly advantageous and convenient. Most people look at picking a storage unit as they would look at picking a plumber; they simply go to Google or the local listings and take a shot in the dark. However, before you make a choice about where you store your belongings, it's best if

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