5 Ways Small Businesses Benefit from Business Self Storage

Wednesday September 12, 2018

Self-storage facilities are a staple for individual and residential customers, but they are often overlooked as a valuable resource for commercial organizations. For a space-strapped small business, using secure business self-storage frees up valuable office and selling space and allows for more efficient and organized operations.

Secure Document Storage

All businesses have documents they need to keep but don’t need daily access to. Choosing a secure, climate-controlled setting for your paperwork ensures your pieces are there when you need them, but that they are not cluttering up your workspace. For documents you need to keep for legal reasons to those that you are just not ready to part with yet, off-site, secure commercial storage offers an affordable and convenient document storage solution.

Store Seasonal Items

Retailers rely heavily on secure commercial storage solutions to hold materials that can be used each year but do not need to be on the premises year round. Holiday decorations and seasonal campaign signage, cups, bags and promo items can be tucked away in a storage unit and simply rotated into place when needed. Using an off-site storage area for this purpose allows you to constantly expand your seasonal and holiday lineup of display items without sacrificing workspace at your actual place of business. Best of all, the seasonal décor you’ve invested in stays in pristine shape since it can be packed away and left undisturbed until you need it.

Inventory Storage

If you want to expand your offerings or find an amazing deal on a new item, you need space to store these wholesale finds. A secure business storage unit allows you to take advantage of deals and bulk bargains you might otherwise have to pass up due to lack of storage space.

And if you are in retail, your leasehold space is probably much more costly than an off-site climate controlled storage unit. It would behoove your P&L to maximize your retail space by keeping a just-in-time inventory at your store while storing extra merchandise at a Houston business storage unit.

Event and Trade Show Pieces

If you exhibit at conventions or trade shows and take your display with you, then you know how much storage space the individual pieces, signage, lighting, and accessories can take up. When you use a dedicated storage space for your convention materials, from promotional items to furniture, you can be sure everything remains in peak condition and is ready to ship to your next location. If you are constantly chasing down your trade show booth pieces because they have been “borrowed” by other divisions or for other purposes, then a dedicated storage space can eliminate the stress and hassle of getting ready for a show.

Expand Workspace

Every inch of space in your office or retail site counts. If you need more room to work, to add an employee or to sell, pack or create items, then a business storage unit can help. You can store items you do not regularly use, allowing you to maximize your usable space in your own facility.

Whether you need more space to work, want to invest in more inventory or just don’t want to trip over your Christmas and Halloween decorations year round, business self-storage is a smart solution. Contact Big Tex Self Storage to learn how easy and affordable it is to find the right space for your needs.

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