Back to School Storage: Fall Cleaning to Keep Your Home Organized

Tuesday August 13, 2019

The kids are going back to school. It’s time to reclaim the house from all the art projects, summer reading books and toys on every surface in every room. Your fall cleaning checklist should involve decluttering your home and placing everything away while also making room for the school books, science projects, and homework assignments. You also want to get the house ready for all the upcoming holidays when the family visits. Check out our list of tips to keeping every room organized throughout the new school year.

Pantry Clean Out

It’s at this time when you’ll find kitchen shelves with half-filled bags of snacks and foods that the kids begged you to buy only to end up tasting once and then ignoring for the rest of the summer. Now is the perfect time to declutter the junk food from the pantry and switch out the chips for healthier items to pack in school lunches.

Organize the items based on the size of your children so that they can reach shelves within arm’s length. Place cereals in plastic containers to keep them fresh. Healthier items can also be placed on lower drawers and cabinet shelves to make it more enticing for the kids to grab something on the go when they are hungry.

Dedicated Homework Station

Kitchen and living room tables may become homework areas where you can cook meals and watch TV while helping your kids with their assignments. However, these places can become cluttered quickly with pencils, glue sticks and reference books.

Considered a dedicated workstation specifically for your children. If they do most of their homework in the kitchen, clear out a low cabinet on the center island or make room in a counter drawer where they can access paper, pencils and other school items. When they are working in the living room, place a basket under the coffee table or end tables where they can access all their schoolwork items.

Bedroom Storage Organization

Bedrooms can get extremely messy over the summer when the kids are home. Yet the problem doesn’t get better when they are at school. Clean school clothes get mixed up in dirty clothing piles and books get pushed under the bed. Divide the space into storage zones where you have a place for the kid’s school clothing, everyday clothing and play clothes in separate locations.

For example, you can keep all the school clothes or uniforms in the dresser by the door so they can get dressed quickly to catch the bus. Meanwhile, regular everyday clothes can be placed into the closet. Also, take the opportunity to declutter the old, stained and dirty clothing that is no longer worn. Donate items that are still in good shape and use the other tattered clothes as cleaning rags.

Have a table with a lamp by the window as another workstation for those times when your children need a quiet place to study for tests. They can store all the things in small baskets and cubby containers as the items will be in easy reach so they get their work completed before bedtime. Try to keep their toys away from the work area and out of sight so they don’t become distracted or start to procrastinate. Low storage containers that fit under the bed can hold these items or they can be placed in a small toy box on the other side of the room.

Entryway Storage

One of the toughest places to keep organized is the entryway. It becomes a dumping site for shoes, backpacks, jackets and other items. Consider creating cabinetry either as a standalone unit or having the cabinets set into the wall. The cabinet can have hooks to hang jackets and wet clothing on as shoes can be placed into drawers underneath the bench.

Garage Organization for Summer Sports Toys

Make sure to include your garage into your fall cleaning schedule. Outdoor toys, sports equipment, recreational equipment and gardening tools need a safe place to be stored away from the wet fall weather.

When placing items back into garage cabinets and storage hooks, store the summer items further back on shelves if they won’t be used for the remainder of the year. Bring the fall toys and school sports items to the forefront so that your kids can access them when they start football and hockey tryouts.

Use Off-Site Storage for Large Items

Some summer items are simply too big to store in the garage or basement, such as kayaks, water skis and golf equipment. You may also have items placed in storage containers that simply won’t be used until next summer, like pool toys. If you’re running out of space to store your beach umbrellas, boogie boards or pool floats, consider using self-storage solutions.

Big Tex Storage can hold this summer gear so you can have a decluttered home and garage. An advantage about self-storage options is that you can store items based on season. You can take out your fall and winter holiday items to get your home decorated when the relatives come over for dinner parties. Then when summer arrives next year, you can retrieve the summer stuff after the kids are out of school to keep your home organized.

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