Businesses That Can Reap the Benefits of Self Storage

Tuesday October 17, 2017

Business storage is a powerful tool for modern businesses, allowing them to secure the same storage space as a large company without having to personally own massive amounts of real estate. Though most organizations could utilize Houston self-storage to improve their efficiency and organization, some businesses will certainly benefit even more from business storage units.

Small E-commerce Businesses

Ecommerce businesses are often run from an individual’s home, meaning that they may not have much storage space available, unless they are willing to convert an unused room into a mini warehouse. However, customers demand fast shipping when they order online, which requires E-commerce businesses to have their products on hand at unexpected times.

Ecommerce sales can also fluctuate wildly, requiring advanced preparations in case sales spike or drop. For instance, the outcome of a particularly advertising campaign could result in quadruple sales overnight. For these reasons, having a large supply of inventory on hand is essential if you want to succeed in Ecommerce. An efficient and affordable means of storing this inventory is with business storage. You can stock up on a back-up supply for those quick turnaround sales, without cluttering your living space. Your products will be well protected in a secure personal storage unit that is easily accessible from a variety of locations in Houston.

Seasonal Businesses

For many businesses, the bulk of their sales may only come during a small portion of the year. For example, a company selling holiday decor will only sell certain items during their respective times of the year. With that said, these companies will still need to have inventory available for when it is needed. Going out and stocking up on months’ worth of inventory at the last minute is not the most efficient option.

For seasonal businesses, storing inventory in business storage units during the off months is the optimum solution. It allows businesses to fill their store with all the supplies they need, and quickly swap out products at the season’s end. This will eliminate cluttered backrooms and closets, and help keep your business organized as well.

Equipment Reliant Service Businesses

Service businesses that rely on several tools and equipment such as, those in the plumbing or lawn care industry have a lot of storage needs. Even when your business and employees have a fully booked schedule, there is no guarantee that all the tools and equipment that you possess will be in use on a daily, or even weekly basis.

For periods where your business only requires certain tools, you will need a secure space to store bulky, expensive equipment. This leads to the need for affordable, reliable storage solutions that a business storage unit can provide. For the dry winter months, larger lawn care items, like mowers, can be safely stored until the spring months bring the lush grass back to your clients. Larger, more intensive plumbing tools can be easily accessed on those days when you have a customer with a plumbing emergency; rather than housed in the back of your work truck or garage where thieves are lying in wait.

Bottom Line

While these three types of businesses certainly stand a lot to gain from business storage, the truth is that any business that must store even moderate amounts of inventory, tools, or supplies can benefit from renting business storage units. If you would like to get started efficiently and affordably meeting your business’s storage needs, we invite you to contact us today and start taking advantage of the best self-storage Houston has to offer.

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