Declutter Your Life: 3 Time Saving Ways to Use Woodlands Storage Units

Friday December 8, 2017

According to some studies, the average person spends an entire year of his or her life looking for misplaced belongings. Think about all the things you could be doing instead; skydiving, deep sea fishing, or taking a long, luxurious bath. Anyways, there is one simple way to get that time back. Declutter your life and get organized with a self-storage unit.

Here are some tips on how to organize your life and how self-storage can help:

House Extra Party Supplies in a Central Area

Are you throwing yet another friend an engagement party, or did you volunteer to host a World Series celebration? (Go Stros!) Stop wasting time rummaging through every room of your house looking for that one item that you swore you put in this box or that. When all your party supplies are kept in your self-storage unit, you know exactly where to find them. This way you can stop trying to hunt down your baseball themed platters and extra champagne flutes, and can devote your focus to more important things—like keeping your guests from spilling on the furniture.

Easy Swap and Go’s with Convenient Locations

Rather than braving the cobwebbed filled attic or a dimly lit basement, you can swap out those holiday decorations between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas at a storage unit nearby. Hidden critters and creepy noises aren’t the only thing you have to worry about with alternate home storage spaces. Basements and attics can let moisture into your supplies, possibly ruining them before you can adorn your home. A climate controlled storage unit will keep all of your décor looking fresh, so your elaborate collection of nutcrackers will continue to be the talk of the  eighborhood.

Did you recently send one of your kids off to college? You can also place your college student’s belongings in a storage unit during the school year with easy access to them during holidays and in the summer months when they are home. That way you can convert their room to a craft space without wasting time deciding whether to share your closet space or just get rid of all their childhood belongings.

Move Important Documents Out

Home offices can easily become cluttered with piles of past year’s tax documents, mortgage information, and even proud report cards. Although some of these need to be held onto for a certain amount of years, they don’t necessarily have to be kept in your house. Moving them to your self-storage unit can go a long way to decluttering your space. Now this doesn’t mean you should throw them all into a box and worry about them later. Some of these documents may still need to be accessible at times, so make sure you store them in an organized fashion so that you can easily pull them out when the time comes.

Self storage units can help you get your life in order no matter what the occasion or time of year. Stop wasting time searching for hidden items, moving boxes in and out of the dusty attic, and rummaging through piles of documents and free up your time for more fun and exciting things. Contact Big Tex Self Storage today to get information on our convenient self-storage units in your area.

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