Houston Self Storage Tips – Storing Your Seasonal Clothing

Monday April 11, 2016

If you’re moving to Houston from colder climate or simply overflowing with winter gear, it might be time to store your seasonal clothing. But much like storing any regular item, seasonal clothing and winter gear need to be properly cared for to retain quality and keep items safe. With the right Houston self storage tips, you’ll be equipped to store your seasonal clothing without any risk or worry.

1. Bring in Clean Clothes

Safe to say, you wouldn’t want to store dirty clothes for long periods of time even in your own home. If your seasonal clothing has stains or other dirty marks, make sure to wash those out before placing them in a storage unit. These stains will be given time to dry and sink in to your seasonal clothing, and possibly surprise you next time you take them out of their boxes. Plus, dirty clothing can attract unwanted bugs and cause additional damage. Bringing clean seasonal clothing to your storage unit is one of the many Houston self storage tips we recommend.

2. Consider Boxes or Moving Supplies

To help with organization or storing loads of seasonal items, understanding which boxes or moving supplies you need will make your Houston self storage experience simpler and quicker. Make a plan of how many boxes you will need to properly store your seasonal clothing. Winter gear has tendencies of taking lots of space and be difficult to stuff inside small boxes.

3. Use Climate Controlled Storage Units

Since you might be packing your seasonal clothing during Houston’s hot summers, you should consider climate-controlled storage to make sure your items stay cool and safe. Houston self storage tips for storing seasonal clothing cannot skip climate-controlled storage units as they provide the perfect environment to preserve your belongings. While many of your items keep you warm during colder weather, make sure you properly protect and care for them during hotter periods.

4. Choose Clean Storage Units

When storing items for longer periods of time, you want your seasonal items to be in a clean storage unit. A clean storage unit keeps bugs and pests out while keeping items inside it safe from outside sources. Houston’s summer humidity can creep in unguarded storage facilities and create moisture known to attract bugs. Fortunately, Big Tex Storage’s facilities are kept clean and pristine to create the environment needed to protect your seasonal clothing.

5. Make Items Easily Retrievable

Another of our Houston self storage tips, place seasonal clothing you don’t frequently need towards the back of your storage unit to save space for other items. To make it easier on yourself next winter season, store heavier items on the bottom to prevent them from crushing more fragile ones. Label and group similar items together for easy retrieval, and create pathways for you to seamlessly access them.

For more information about storable items, contact us to get more Houston self storage tips and storing your seasonal clothing.

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