Houston Wine Storage Considerations & Options for Safe Moving and Longevity

Wednesday August 2, 2017

Do you have bottles of wine piling up in closets and dark corners around your house? Do you find yourself reaching for cleaning products under the sink and pull out a bottle of fine red instead?

There’s nothing better than coming home from a grueling day and having a nice glass of wine to kick back and relax. Especially when you are sipping from a high-quality bottle from your collection, rather than a clearance bottle from the local grocery mart. But what if your prestigious collection is taking over your home? It’s probably about time for you to consider relocating your collection to a Houston self-storage unit.

Now, moving wine bottles to a wine storage vault is a matter that needs to be carried out with utmost care. Home collections toppling over can lead to certain heartbreak, and damaged cases belonging to restauranteurs can come with costly consequences. Therefore, no matter the distance you are likely to cover, you need to observe some key considerations to safely deliver your treasured wine collection, and discover the aspects you can benefit from with Houston wine storage.

Wine Considerations

Import Laws Guiding the Location of a Wine Storage Space

Understanding the alcohol import and shipment laws applicable on the state or country you are planning to move your wine collection is absolutely necessary. Restaurants bringing in expensive foreign wine to showcase, need to be aware of these laws to avoid unpleasant surprises while traversing various territories to a wine storage facility.

For instance, Customs and Border Protection laws of the United States require that wine entering the U.S, which is more than one case, has to be shipped separately from household goods. Unless the amount of your wine does conflict this law, there is need to prepare adequately before you embark on moving wine.

Knowledge on the Value of Your Wine Collection

It is important to understand the value of your wine collection before it is moved to a convenient storage facility. Appraisal can be done by qualified professional wine movers. This step is necessary to ensure only appropriate bottles are moved for storage.

Options for Moving Wine

Do It Yourself

Though there are various methods for moving your wine, doing the task independently seems to be an advantageous option since it gives you the freedom to take control of the entire process. Under this circumstance, proper packaging is all you need to ensure the wine collection reaches its destination in perfect shape.

However, you should note that this procedure is only suitable for those moving a small collection of wine. Similarly, performing this task alone is likely to deny you certain advantages, like climate-controlled transportation and the expertise offered by moving specialists.

Work with Wine Moving Specialists

Working with Houston moving specialists during the process of relocating wine comes with a plethora of advantages. Professional movers have mastered the art of packaging wine using efficient materials, ensuring your wine gets to its destination in mint condition.

In case you are moving your wine collection during harsh weather, like in Houston summer heat or winter freezes, a climate-controlled storage is absolutely necessary to shield the wine from any adverse effects that can negatively impact on the quality of the goods. Wine enthusiast will rest well knowing their collection has been moved to a perfectly tempered location to protect it against sweltering heat, and the next time they open a bottle it will taste to perfection.

So, whether you are a restauranteur in need of additional space in your supply room, or a local wine collector filling your home with an array of bottles, these tips will be helpful in ensuring your wine is moved safely and comfortably to a storage destination. For more information and assistance with your wine collection, contact Big Tex Self Storage today and see how you can benefit.

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