How to Choose the Right Houston Self Storage Option for Your Needs

Wednesday October 3, 2018

Maybe you need a place to house that collection of stuff you plan to sell on eBay, eventually. Perhaps, you’re between permanent housing and need to store the bulk of your belongings. In whatever case, having access to self-storage is highly advantageous and convenient. Most people look at picking a storage unit as they would look at picking a plumber; they simply go to Google or the local listings and take a shot in the dark. However, before you make a choice about where you store your belongings, it’s best if you know precisely what it is that you need.

Not every storage unit is created equally, and not every storage facility offers the same type of units or levels of service. When it comes to Houston self-storage, there’s a lot available, so here’s a guide to help you determine what it is you need.


-You want a Houston self-storage unit because you have something you do not have space for in your home or business, so what is it that will be stored? What is it’s value? Does it need special attention? In some cases, specifically what you have to store will guide you to the right storage option. For example, if you have a vehicle that you need to store, you need a storage unit that is designed to allow a vehicle to be driven inside.


Climate-controlled storage isn’t always necessary for every stored item, but it definitely can be necessary for some stored belongings. Items that should be kept at either an ambient temperature or cooler or warmer than the temperatures in the area may be vulnerable to damages, and that’s something you need to avoid. Some of the items that should be kept in climate-controlled storage units include:

  • antique wooden furniture
  • musical instruments
  • documents or photographs
  • artwork
  • temperature sensitive retail inventory

Climate-controlled units can either have their own independent thermostat or be climate-controlled because they are situated inside of a building as a set-aside space with a lockable door.


All size self-storage units work for different needs, which is why it’s best to find a facility that offers precisely the unit size you need. Anything extra will be wasted space and money. Anything too small will mean cramming your stuff inside unsafely. A few tips to remember to help you pick the best storage unit size include:

  1. Go bigger if you will need to retrieve items from your unit frequently. It’s fine to stack and fill a unit to the brim, but this is a pain if you have to come to get something on a regular basis.
  2. Use the size of your moving truck as a guide for what will fit in a unit. If you needed a 12-foot truck and fit everything inside easily, without wasted space, a 12-foot unit of the same or a similar width will probably serve you well.
  3. When in doubt, go bigger than you expect. It’s better to rent a unit that is a little too big than something too small, start putting the items in the unit, and then realize you don’t have enough room.

Renting a storage unit is an excellent way to find the space you need. Reach out to us at Big Texas Storage for help finding the right Houston storage unit.

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