Moving Checklist: Top 5 Things To Do

Thursday August 16, 2018

Moving is one of life’s major stressors — often on the same list as death of a loved one, divorce and job loss. But there are steps you can take to make the process less stressful. With careful planning and the right supplies, you can help moving day be as seamless as possible.

Here are five tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your big move:

1. Plan Ahead

First, start by considering and deciding on your moving options. Will you be doing the move yourself? Or do you want to hire movers? Maybe you want to make it a hybrid move: you hire helpers for the loading and unloading parts, and you rent your own truck. Whether you choose to make the move yourself or hire movers, you will need to book your reservation as early as possible, preferably at least two months before your move.

Next, go through your belongings and decide what items you don’t want to take with you. The less you have to pack, the better. If the items are still in good condition, you can donate them to a local nonprofit.

Or maybe you have items you want to keep but won’t immediately need in your new home. A climate controlled, personal storage unit is a smart option for these things. Make sure you reserve your unit as early as you can.

Pro Tip: If you decide to put some pieces in storage and need a moving truck for transportation, Big Tex Self Storage offers a free moving truck after you sign a storage unit rental agreement.

2. Get Supplies

Whether you’re donating, keeping or storing your items, you’ll need proper packing supplies. Begin collecting your materials as early as possible. Since you’ll want to start packing well before your big move, you need to make sure you get all the right sized boxes. Be sure your boxes are clean and in good condition. Although it may be tempting to grab free boxes from local retailers, sometimes these boxes are worn out, dirty, or have critters that you do not want to take with you on your move.

And don’t forget all your packing and other moving day materials. You’ll need:

  • Bubble wrap or packing paper for your breakable items
  • Tape for your boxes
  • Permanent marker pens to label your boxes
  • Small and medium boxes for heavy items like books, tools, kitchenware and collectibles
  • Large and extra large boxes for bulky items like: lamps, shades, bedding, clothing, etc.
  • Wardrobe boxes to keep your hanging clothes fresh and wrinkle-free

Pro Tip: For your convenience, Big Tex Self Storage locations have a supply store complete with boxes and packing essentials. Consider picking up your essentials when you come to pick up the keys to your new storage unit.

3. Organize Your Packing

Now that you’ve gone through all your belongings and determined what you’re keeping, you can make a game plan on how you’ll want to tackle each room. Since you’re starting to pack early, you’ll want to make sure you don’t pack anything you’ll need between now and moving day. Consider packing up the items you want to put in self storage first.

As you’re packing, be sure to label your boxes according to the room the items go in, what is in the box and if the boxes go in your storage unit. This will not only make it easier while you’re moving, but it will also help you as you unpack and get everything organized in your new place.

4. Prepare for Moving Day

You’re all packed and have that grueling task out of the way. But, you’re not done yet. Make sure you’re prepared for the big day by doing the following:

  • Confirm your pick up time with the moving truck company or movers
  • Take enough cash out to tip your movers
  • Stock up on bottles of water and snacks for energy
  • Get plenty of trash bags for anything you want to toss out during the process
  • Purchase enough cleaning supplies for after you move out of your current home

Speaking of cleaning, you can make moving day a bit easier by starting your cleaning before the big move. Do you have rooms in your home that are already clear? Or areas that you won’t be using? Go ahead and get started on these rooms and areas. Also, we all know the refrigerator is an overlooked task and often left to the last minute. Consider starting to clean it out before moving day.

Pro Tip: Be sure to reserve a climate controlled storage unit prior to moving day from Big Tex. You can rent online with an eSign month-to-month lease or in person with our moving expert facility managers. You can set your move-in date so you are only paying for rent when you need the unit. And on the day of the move, Big Tex Self Storage is happy to transfer you to another sized unit (larger or smaller) without any extra fees.

5. Let Big Tex Storage Help You

With multiple convenient storage locations, a wealth of self storage options and 24/7 digital surveillance, Big Tex Self Storage is a smart choice for your move. Contact us today to see how we can help make your move easier and more manageable.

Also, check out our moving timeline resource page to help you plan out the logistics of your move.

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