Secure Self Storage: Keeping Possessions Safe at All Times

Tuesday September 25, 2018

Placing items in self-storage provides a variety of advantages based on your specific needs. You may need storage to keep extra items, you may be making a cross-country move, or you might require more storage space options if you are running out of room in your apartment or home. However, burglars occasionally try to target storage units since it is easier to get a lot of valuable items all at once in a smaller location with fewer people around to notice the activity. Here at Big Tex Self Storage, we have several tips for you on how to have a secure self-storage unit.

Select a Self-Storage Facility with Extra Security Features

Some storage facilities offer the bare minimum as anyone can walk onto the site. Yet other companies invest in the latest security options to make clients feel that their possessions will always be safe. Look for a facility that offers controlled access self-storage, which features computerized gated entry systems and individual key code access storage units. There may also be 24-hour video surveillance as well as alarms to control who enters and exits the facility. You may also be able to add an extra padlock to the unit to increase security measures. In addition to all these features, our facilities here at Big Tex Self Storage provide designated hours of operation so there are no people lurking about late at night.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings at All Times

Burglars will loiter in key positions to try to spy on you when you are entering gate access codes or key codes for the storage unit. Always look to see who is around you when using key codes or combination locks. If you see anyone suspicious who is loitering around storage lockers and doesn’t appear to be a staff member of the facility or someone who is accessing a storage unit, report them to the facility staff. Make sure that the facility you select has the proper lighting throughout the facility so there are no dark areas where burglars may lurk.

Store Items Securely

If using a controlled access self-storage unit, you can keep certain valuables even safer by storing them at the back of the unit. You can use furniture covers to drape over your items so people who are walking past can’t see what you own. Keep less important items and bulky things in the front to make it harder for thieves to snatch and run where they take only a few seconds to grab the nearest item and dash off with it. Another security option is to obtain insurance for your possessions so items can be replaced if lost or stolen.

Obtain a secure self-storage unit for all of your possessions here at Big Tex Self Storage. We have a variety of security features, from gated key code systems to 24/7 surveillance, to keep our clients’ items safe while stored in our facility. Reach out to our site manager today to learn more about all the security features that we provide.

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