Starting a Wine Collection: Wine Storage

Tuesday September 24, 2019

Have you ever considered starting a wine collection? Or expanding your mini collection currently sitting on your kitchen counter?… You love your wine. And your wine loves you too. But lets check-in first. Are you showing your current wine the tender, love, and care it deserves? Preserving its goodness? You can be picky with your wine, but don’t forget your wine is picky too. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering starting a wine collection to keep your wine at its optimal status.

Pick Your Poison

Do you prefer reds or whites? Sparkling? When buying wine for your personal collection, you should opt for your favorite wine to drink. After all, it’s your collection right? Go crazy! But, keep your budget in mind at the same time. What people don’t believe about wine collections is that the price range may vary depending on the collector and there isn’t a “minimum” amount of bottles necessary to consider it a collection (well you do need at least one, technically). But there’s also no need to get overly ambitious because your collection can always be added to overtime. Especially with your fine taste in wine. Higher end wines are optimal to age for a few years before drinking- which means it’s a perfect time to start a collection. And you can learn a lot about an aged wine by storing it properly. A splurge every once in awhile is fine if you want some prime vino in your collection, but just make sure the splurge is on a bottle of wine that you’ve tasted before and prefer to drink- or else you’ll have saved it for years only to be distraught once the cork pops.

Preserve Your Gold

Alright, we got the wine. Now what? If you’re into reds, there’s a scale. Light red wines prefer a storage temp of 60-65 degrees, while heavier red wines prefer 63-68 degrees. Sparkling wines prefer storage temps between 50-55 degrees. While bright, tart white wines prefer 48-52 degrees and rich white wines thrive in 58-62 degree temps. Keep these climate temps in mind and you’re already a seasoned wine enthusiast. Here is a fact to keep in mind as you process through your elite wine knowledge… You can have an astounding wine collection but if it isn’t stored properly- then the preservation of your wine collection is essentially pointless. This is because the flavors, aromas and tannins may go awry due to ill maintenance which would put all your well thought out and time consuming collecting to shame.

Master the Art

So, you’ve been collecting wine for awhile now and you’ve finally got the hang of it. You have a wine cooler but it’s probably on the verge of overflowing with all this knowledge you’ve gained and splurging you don’t mind indulging in because you’ve become a sort of wine connoisseur. What’s next? Turn the office into a wine cellar? How about the kids room? Do we really need that supply closet?… Big Tex Storage has Wine Storage and Wine Vaults available to store your wine in a secure and climate controlled destination. Open from 6 AM to midnight with separate access for Wine Storage members- we have optimized the self-storage solution for wine and ensure quality in climate control as well as security.

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