Storing Responsibly – What Items Belong in Houston Storage Units?

Thursday March 31, 2016

Houston storage units are a great resource for people who lack space in their homes or need to keep their items safe. But in order to utilize the space to its fullest, you need to take the proper precautions for packing a Houston storage unit. In addition, you want to be absolutely clear about the rules of your storage company regarding the items that can be kept within one of its facilities. This begs the following question: what items belong in a Houston storage unit?

Big Tex Storage highlights these key items you can safely store at one of our facilities.

Furniture (e.g., couches, chairs, tables)

Small and large pieces of furniture are commonly kept in Houston storage units and can be done safely so long as the size of your storage unit is large enough to accommodate them. For maximum storage space, we recommend disassembling your furniture and keeping careful track of loose screws and bolts. In a humid climate such as Houston’s, it’s a good idea to rent a climate-controlled storage unit —humidity can ruin organic materials such as wood and cloth, resulting in mold and mildew. You may want to take the added precaution of stuffing your cushions or drawers with mothballs in order to ward off pests.

Electronics (e.g., stereos, computers, TVs)

Got a lot of gadgets but not enough room? Electronic equipment can be kept safe in a Houston storage unit but, like furniture, may be sensitive to extreme temperatures, thus making a climate-controlled unit your best bet. A climate-controlled unit also protects your electronics from dust that can scratch screens and clog vents, as well as prevents dust mites from breeding.

Appliances (e.g., refrigerators, blenders, vacuums)

You can certainly store appliances within a self-storage unit, but you’ll want to take extra steps to safeguard them. For example, with fridges it’s advisable to keep the door ajar in order to prevent mold from forming. Most other appliances can be safely boxed away unless, of course, they don’t fit easily in a box. In such cases, appliances with sharp edges and/or breakable glass parts should be covered with bubble wrap (or some other protective barrier) so that they don’t bump up and break against other items in your unit.

Clothing (e.g., heavy coats, sweaters, boots)

The weather in Houston can get pretty scorching, which is why many people elect to store their winter clothes in a clothing box or dresser. Because the tropical climate and the wide array of insects that can be found in Texas, we recommend climate-controlled storage to prevent damage to sensitive and/or expensive clothing. Specialty items such as suits and wedding gowns should be placed in a plastic garment bag.

Valuables (e.g., dishes, silverware, collectible antiques)

Trustworthy storage facilities like Big Tex Storage have security measures in place to ensure the safety of old and/or expensive valuables. The Big Tex facilities in River Oaks and The Woodlands include individual unit alarms as well as 24-hour digital surveillance. For added safety, you may want to store valuable items toward the back of the unit where any potential thieves would be less likely to access them.

Paper items (e.g., books, manuscripts, old documents)

Any items made of paper should be stored in a dry, cool environment so that they won’t be susceptible to mold and mildew as a result of humidity. You’ll also want to keep paper away from anything that can potentially leak or be considered flammable.

Nonperishable food (e.g., canned goods, bottled water, powdered mixes)

While we don’t recommend using your self-storage space to store nonperishable food, it can be done in theory. But consider carefully whether doing so constitutes the best use of your storage unit—if the boxes or cans were to somehow open while in the unit, they are prone to spoil in the Houston heat and cause a foul odor, not to mention attract pests and vermin. And if that happens, you can expect, at minimum, to pay cleaning costs for the unit, and your belongings may even be expelled from the unit entirely.

For more information about storable items, contact us to get the best in Houston storage units.

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