The Importance of Climate Controlled Storage in Houston Humidity

Wednesday March 16, 2016

Houston’s hot summers are infamous around the country, especially as the humidity climbs to scorching levels. While families enjoy cooling off at the pool or on a fun vacation, they’re not the only ones who would enjoy AC or cool climate.

Why Houston Climate Controlled Storage?

During the summertime, air conditioning becomes mandatory to keep you cool and safe – and storage units in Houston share that feeling too. Houston’s humidity can cause substantial damage to certain items in non-climate controlled storage units. On the other hand, some climate controlled storage units don’t do enough to dehumidify the air, potentially resulting in damages to your valued property. Some common items easily damaged by high levels of humidity include:

  • Print photos
  • Leather products or goods
  • Metal items
  • Paintings
  • Wood products

Along with these items, storing others in plastic bags may not be the best idea either. Mold and mildew can create condensation in sealed plastic bags, rendering items within them damaged. Additionally, storing electronics in non-climate controlled storage units, can cause irreversible damage, especially if humidity is rampant, which it usually is here.

Perks of Climate Controlled Storage Units

Choosing climate controlled storage units in Houston is one of the best ways to ensure your belongings are protected from summertime’s high humidity and temperature. Our climate controlled storage units stay between 65°F – 78°F with special measures in place to keep humidity at appropriate levels. Our state-of-the-art facilities across Houston all provide climate controlled storage units to protect items from the elements. Some of the benefits of choosing Houston climate controlled storage units over their counterparts include:

  • Better protection from Houston’s humidity and damaging effects
  • Greater variety of items able to be stored safely
  • Higher property savings compared to damaged items in non-climate controlled units
  • Greater flexibility if items stored over a long period of time

Big Tex offers Houston climate controlled storage units prepared to keep your belongings safe during the hot and humid summers. If you’re planning on moving to the area, clearing up some space in your home or apartment, or looking to store important business documents, take a closer look at the benefits of choosing climate controlled storage in Houston.

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