The Importance of Climate Controlled Storage When Storing Photos

Monday February 27, 2017

Whether you are moving or just trying to free up space in your closet, thinking about where to store your printed photos can sometimes be overlooked. Heat and humidity can cause damage to several items, such as antique furniture, musical instruments, and electronics. Photos are no exception. If exposed to these elements or too much light they will diminish, crack, and wrinkle, which means all the special memories they contain can be lost as well.

The attic, garage, and basement are not ideal locations for storing your photos since humidity, temperature, and light can still reach them and cause damage. Other factors that can reach them are insects, rodents and excess water. The best place to preserve them is a climate controlled storage unit. Here they will be protected from harmful elements and your wedding photos, childhood memories, and family heirlooms will be maintained with ease.

Photo Storage Preparation

When looking for a safe container for your pictures, look for materials that pass the Photographic Activity Test (PAT), which should be advertised directly on the container. Photo boxes are a great way to store photos, but they need to be filled to the precise amount. Be careful not to overfill your photo album or box as this can cause pictures to bend or crease. If you would like to be extra careful you can use a secure photo storage container with dividers to prevent any blending or sticking. When temperatures reach too high, photos can blend together and deteriorate, whereas climate controlled units will prevent this catastrophe.

Avoid the use of rubber bands, tape or paper clips to group your photos together. These provide chemical elements, such as sulfur and acid, that can deteriorate and damage your photos over time. Paper clips can easily scratch your photos as well causing unsightly white streaks.

Helpful Tip: Make a digital copy of your photos at your local photo-printing shop or convenience store before storing. If you prefer to handle this task yourself, check out these steps from CNET on scanning and archiving your printed photos.

Choose the Right Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Climate controlled storage allows you to moderate the temperature and humidity levels in your unit, protecting your memories from harm. Big Tex Storage provides units that maintain a constant environment between 65°F – 78°F in order to protect your items from harsh Texas temperatures. These units are heated during the colder seasons, and cooled during the brutal summer months. These climate controlled units also prevent humidity from seeping into your items, and keep light from affecting the quality of your photos.

There are simple solutions to ensuring your photos withstand harsh elements and maintain a timeless look. Choosing the right container and storage facility will prevent damage to your belongings and keep your memories safe over time.

For more information on the benefits of climate controlled storage, check out Big Tex Storage facilities near you.

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