Tips for Packing and Storing Christmas Decorations with Personal Storage Units

Monday January 23, 2017

When it’s time to take down the trimmings you want to prepare yourself for the next Holiday Season. This means making sure your favorite items are easy to locate — and not tangled, dirty, or damaged. Explore these simple tips and smart storage solutions to save you time and keep your adornments safe.

Bags and Wrapping Paper

Saving your holiday bags and wrapping paper for next year is a practical way to cut down gift costs, but can sometimes be a pain managing in storage. Bags get torn, wrapping paper wrinkled, and your white tissue paper has all turned pink thanks to that one stray red piece. The Wrapping Storage Chest from is a great solution to these issues and features inside pockets and compartments, as well as handles for easy pulling and carrying. You can store this organizer flat under your bed or hang on a shelf in your personal storage unit.


Ornaments are easily one of the most difficult aspects to storing your holiday décor. Not only can they be extremely fragile, but many have sentimental value as well so when one accidentally breaks, it really strikes a chord. If you weren’t pragmatic enough to save every box and protective case over the years, we don’t blame you. A helpful tip from Anna Moseley of Ask Anna is to use egg cartons to keep your ornaments safe before putting them into larger storage bins. For grander ornaments or odd shapes, Moseley suggests using apple containers to preserve.


Many of us channel our inner Griswald during decorating season and find ourselves trying to unravel the largest knot of lights you’ve ever seen. This can be caused but bustling bins around in your storage space in order to get to other holiday décor, or from improper preparation. It’s so tempting to roll the lights up in a messy ball and worry about it next year, but there are some easy solutions to prevent your future self from a holiday headache. These light rollers and storage bags from Christmas Lights Etc are user-friendly and take up little space. The removable spools make it safe and easy to maneuver around your tree or garland when relighting. An alternate solution would be using a flattened cardboard box to wrap the lights around, but you may want to keep them in a protected space to prevent bulb breakage.

Helpful tip: Check the bulbs on your lights before storing so you can easily replace any ahead of time, or throw out strands that cannot be fixed to prevent excess accessories in your personal storage unit.


Now that you’ve removed your ornaments and lights, it’s finally time to put away your tree. First things first, consider the weight of your artificial tree before taking it down. Have a plan if it is too heavy to lift in to the attic; maybe you have a small closet you plan to use, or storage unit with the rest of your decorations. If you do not have the original packaging you will need a large bag or box to keep it in. Cardboard is easily susceptible to moisture so a climate controlled storage unit will be best if storing outside. A helpful suggestion from blogger Grunge Zombie is binding your tree with thrift store belts to make it a more manageable, and at a storable size.


Lea Schneider, author of Growing Up Organized and a member of The National Association of Professional Organizers suggests that your ceramic villages be stored “in one or two cases or tubs by packing the buildings in first, then placing any snow, ground, landscaping or lighting on the top so that you can open the tub and immediately begin building next year.” Packing this way ensures you will have what you need first on the top so you can unpack and decorate simultaneously. This also puts the heavier items at the bottom of your bin leaving the lighter pieces safely on top.

If your collection has outgrown your home storage space check out some of these personal units at Big Tex Storage, perfect for keeping your storage organized year round.

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