Stress-Free Storage Solutions While You Build Your New Home

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Stress-Free Storage Solutions While You Build Your New Home

Moving can oftentimes be extremely stressful. With so many factors that must be taken into consideration, the logistics of selling your home and being ready to move into a new one can get complicated in even the best circumstances. Unsurprisingly, things can get even trickier when you are taking on the exciting endeavor of building a new home instead of buying an existing one.

At our self storage facilities in Houston, we’ve alleviated the stress of many anxious homeowners by offering a convenient, secure, and affordable solution to some of the most common complications that can arise when your home is being built. Outlined below are just some of the circumstances where self storage can be a huge asset in helping you move into your new home.

The Construction of Your New Home Gets Delayed

It’s not uncommon to experience some minor delays during the construction of a new home. A small hiccup in the process at some point is almost unavoidable - but what should you do if a larger concern arises? How do you plan around an unpredictable hold up that you know will be resolved, but you aren’t sure when? Any delay, be it a couple of days to a couple of months, is going to require some creative problem solving.

Your Need to Move Out of Your Current Home Sooner Than You Expected

It’s great when your current home sells quickly, but even a pleasant surprise like this is likely to throw a wrench into your moving schedule—especially if your new home has an unexpected construction delay. It will be hard enough to find a place for your family to stay in the meantime, but what about a whole house worth of your boxed-up belongings and larger items like furniture or appliances?

A Flexible and Affordable Storage Solution

At Big Tex Self Storage, our convenient storage units in Houston offers a variety of storage options in size and rental rates that make it easy for you to find a solution that suits your needs, including the free use of our moving truck with the rental of your unit.

For those planning on building a new home on The Woodlands area, or relocating jobs for the new Exon Mobile location, leveraging self storage in The Woodlands can help alleviate stress during your move. Whether you are downsizing, moving unexpectantly, or are having to deal with unforeseen construction delays, long-term self storage can help relieve one less stress so you can focus on tackling the other challenging aspects of your move.

If you are interested in renting one of our securely monitored, climate controlled units to prepare for your upcoming move, contact us today to find out what we have available.

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