Business Storage Unit Options

Offering convenient storage options for commercial businesses, pharmaceutical, and legal professionals.

Commercial Storage Units

Business owners need a way to securely store vital business records and other property. As an extension of your business, commercial storage units are affordable alternatives to storing your goods inside your facility. Excess inventory and stock need to be stored in a secure location, and as your business keeps growing, space will become tight. Some of the property business owners freuently choose to store include: Additional inventory and stock, seasonal items, electronic goods, business records, facility furniture, and marketing materials and supply.

Pharmaceutical Rep Storage

The flexibility business storage units provide extends to the pharmaceutical industry. Since numerous pharmaceutical products require to be kept in climate-controlled conditions, our storage units are built to protect goods from Houston’s changing weather conditions. Our self storage for pharmaceutical reps often includes pharmaceutical products, excess inventory, cleaning supplies and products, paperwork and marketing materials, and shipments and deliveries. As an added benefit, Houston’s thriving medical and pharmaceutical industries feature the Texas Medical Center and numerous other hospitals. The proximity of our sales rep storage unit locations to the Med Center and other area hospitals, medical offices, and clinics are greatly valued by pharmaceutical reps across the city.

Legal Storage Units

Law firms in need of legal file storage also greatly benefit from our business storage units in Houston. Keeping track of documents and legal files can be challenging and tedious. Fortunately, our self storage for law firms allows for the storing of your legal files and documents in a climate-controlled facility with heightened security measures ensuring important, private documents are kept protected. Our 10×20 and larger units feature lights to help file admins with the efficient pulling and culling of documents. As an add-on, we can provide and install racking systems for legal file storage to help legal professionals stay organized.

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