Guide: Moving to The Woodlands

Optimize your experience in a new, exciting neighborhood by utilizing the benefits of self storage.

If you are planning on moving to The Woodlands or the North Houston area, you will love the fact that housing costs, energy costs, and the general cost of living are some of the lowest in the United States. The lower cost of living means more money in your wallet for the “fun things in life.”

You can take the opportunity to travel, indulge in various activities at the Waterway Square, hop over to Lake Conroe, or cruise to classic car shows in Spring, Texas. There’s a never-ending number of things to do to keep you occupied. Sounds great, right? But, you may be wondering: “What about all the preparations to get there,” and “What am I going to do with all this extra stuff from my current home?”

We have compiled a guide for moving to The Woodlands, along with the advantages of self storage, to help put your mind at ease. This guide will make your experience as simple as possible, leaving you with more time and money to enjoy yourself in your new, lush neighborhood.

Label All Boxes Packed

The process of moving will be so much more efficient if you label boxes with the rooms where they ultimately belong. The last thing you want is to be unpacking the master bedroom and constantly running back and forth to the kitchen because kitchen stuff ended up in the bedroom. Labeling all boxes with the room where they should go in your new home—and packing one room at a timewill save you tons of time in the long run.

Put the Extras Safely Away

Some of the best neighborhoods for viewing holiday decorations are in The Woodlands. However, the desire to participate can often be overshadowed by the lack of storage space at home. You can have the best of both worlds with self storage in The Woodlands. With a variety of options in Spring, Tomball, and The Woodlands areas, you can find a facility near you to store all your extra items from the move.

It’s no secret that the new ExxonMobil Houston Campus is bringing in a lot of new residents to the area. If you are among those relocating for work and are temporarily renting until you can find the perfect house to purchase, this option is also ideal for you. Rather than getting rid of a bunch of your belongings or trying to cram them into a tiny apartment, maximize your space and look into a self storage unit near you.

Utilize Vehicle Storage

Excited to take the boat and other lake toys out during the summer, but don’t want to be stuck with leaving them in your driveway or the undesirable option of overpriced dock fees? By leveraging vehicle storage in The Woodlands, you can free up that much needed space at your home, while protecting those recreational vehicles from weather and other elements, at an affordable price.

The same goes for your precious, classic cars. The Woodlands Car Club hosts monthly events for locals to show off their sweet rides, or for the opportunity to bring the family out for some sightseeing—all for a charitable cause. By keeping your vehicle in a safe storage unit, you don’t have to worry about one of the kids taking it out for a joy ride or accidentally dinging it with their sports equipment. With convenient locations in the area, you can still take it out for a relaxing Sunday drive.

Stop worrying about where all your stuff is going to go and start enjoying your new home in The Woodlands with the help of self storage.
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