Moving Up & Out: Essential Tips for Successful Long-term Storage

Tuesday January 23, 2018

You just put the final dollar into your 6-month long vacation savings jar, but before you get carried away with excitement, you have to find a way to keep all of your possessions safe. You tried and tried to stuff that ornate lamp into one of your suitcases, to no avail. It is time to think of options you can use so that you can enjoy the Eiffel Tower with the piece of mind knowing your belongings are safe.

Vehicle Storage

While you are gone on a trip that is six months or longer, it might be beneficial to put your vehicle in storage. Improperly storing a car can cause damage that would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and coming back from a vacation that is not something you would want to spoil the last moments before you have to go back to work.

Putting cars, motorcycles, or boats in vehicle storage is the best way to protect against thieves and also the natural elements. In storage, your vehicle will be safe under lock and key, and you can even take additional steps to reduce an incident of car damage further.

When placing a car in long-term storage always remember to unplug the battery under the hood, this means disconnecting the negative terminal. This ensures that even if you leave your lights off, your car will still have juice when you get back. Also, it is important to remove any gas that might still be left in the gas tank. Gasoline only has a shelf life of about two years. If you let the expired gas go into your engine, that is a repair that will cost thousands.

Space Required

Knowing how much space you will need is important in finding a storage solution that fits your needs. If your kids are leaving for college but returning for summer break, you might need to find a small sized storage unit to hold onto their furniture and prized All-Star Jose Altuve poster, while you convert their bedroom into a guest room. That way when they graduate and finally get their own apartment, their belongings will be safely waiting for them.

A medium-sized storage container will be better suited for someone taking a temporary job in another state, or even country. Short notice tranfers make it difficult to plan for, especially when it comes to searching for a living situation long distance. A self-storage unit will hold on to everything you own that you can’t bring with you. Even if you misjudge and need a bigger storage area, there are many sizes available to rent out.

Properly Packing Items

While you are gone, you’ll want to know that your priceless family albums and sacred Def Leppard vinyl are secure and safe in the storage facility. A storage operator can only do so much to keep your items safe; it is up to you to properly store items that might be fragile like photos and film.

Remember to put anything that is delicate to into plastic container with a lid, such as clothing, wine, or important work documents. Keeping items in a secure container is an important step to keeping items safe in the long term. The more durable the box, the more security you have in case of freak accidents or natural disasters.

For some storage needs, you’ll want to have a climate controlled storage unit. This may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but in actuality, it is important to control the environment that your possessions are in, and you certainly do not want to come home to a violin bent at a 45-degree angle because of the Texas humidity. Climate control is an important step in securing a long-lasting future for your family memories or prized possessions.

Whether you are gone for a few months or a few years, it is important to take steps that lead to a successful storage term. You have more power to control what environment your belongings are set in, so make sure it is the right decision for you. Following these tips will ensure peace of mind. For more information to fit your long-term storage needs, contact Big Tex Self Storage today to get yourself on the right path.

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