A Guide to the Most Secure Storage Units

Safeguarding your belongings with effective security features.

Whether you are downsizing, running a small business, or have an overflow of office supplies, self storage is a convenient method of alternative storage to keep your life organized. When selecting a self storage facility, there are many factors to consider, such as how much is needed, if you require a climate controlled unit, and perhaps the most important factor: How it will stay protected.

Gone are the days when padlocks and chains were all you needed to keep thieves away. There are an array of security measures that Big Tex Self Storage provides to strive for the safety of your belongings. Below are essentials you should look for when choosing your self storage unit.

  1. Extensive Alarm Systems – On top of facility alarm systems for after hours, each storage unit should also be complete with individual door alarms as an added security benefit. These combined with trained staff and security cameras will help safeguard your belongings.
  2. Digitally Controlled Access – To ensure only authorized individuals enter the units, a required access code needs to be in place. This also goes for gate access when entering and leaving the facility, and elevators and sliding glass entryways. In multi-story storage facilities, access should be digitally controlled as well to only allow a tenant access to the floor in which their unit is located, keeping watching eyes away and minimizing additional foot traffic.
  3. Defined Access Hours – The typically unused convenience of 24-hour access at some storage facilities is actually a liability that allows more general access to a facility. It is better for facilities to establish set hours during which renters can enter the property and access their storage unit. Once it is passed access hours controlled and security systems will activate, notifying site managers when there is a disturbance. Modern technology also allows these managers to view surveillance from their iPad to check on the situation immediately and directly. Didn’t you father say,”nothing good happens after midnight”? At Big Tex, we believe in that philosophy, and therefore our access hours are limited to 6am-10pm daily.
  4. Detailed Supervision – Having trained staff and managers on-site adds another level of security for you and your belongings. They will be able to quickly respond to any issues and assist customers. Some Big Tex Storage facilities even have on-site resident managers that live at the facility.
  5. Surveillance Cameras – Cameras show tenants and potential thieves that you are aware of what is happening on your property. Monitors should be placed on every floor as well as the parking area and front lobbies. Motion sensitive lighting will assist the quality of video footage should an intruder be present, and provides a better look of all individuals entering and leaving the facility.

Secured storage is an important feature that allows individuals and owners to breath a little easier. Go the extra mile to examine the security options available at the storage facility of your choice and make sure the above options are available. For more information on self storage security, contact Big Tex today.

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