Teacher Supply Storage Guide

Providing Space Ideas for Busy Educators

Teachers do so much for their students for every month out of the year. You teach regular coursework, offer special clubs after school, conduct parent-teacher conferences to go over grades, and try to make learning both educational and fun for students. Even in the summer, teachers don’t have off from work while students spend their vacations at amusement parks, playgrounds, vacations and the swimming pool.

Instead, many teachers are undergoing professional development training during summer vacation. Other teachers take on summer jobs to bring in extra money. Also, for the majority of educators, this is the time to develop new lesson plans for the next school year, tutor students who need extra academic help, gather supplies for regular classes, and find materials for special projects. You are bringing school work home with you to prepare for next year’s coursework as you are downloading lesson plans and buying school supplies.

Catching the store sales for tutoring, classroom and project supplies can help lower out-of-pocket costs. Unfortunately, you need a place to store everything. Stacking papers, pencils, project materials, and class decorations on tables and floors can take up room in your home. The supplies can also make your home more cluttered and messy. Even when placing the items into storage boxes, the stacks of boxes can hamper the look of your interior design in the room and get in the way.

If you don’t have a dedicated storage room in your home, consider self-storage options. Having a dedicated space for your teaching supplies will allow you to keep everything in a safe location whether you only need the storage for the summer months or for the entire year. Then you can easily access the storage unit to get what you need on your terms. Check out this handy storage guide provided by Big Tex Self Storage and go over our teacher storage ideas to make the most use out of your unit space.

Separate Storage Items by Frequency of Use

You will probably use up more pencils, folders and copy paper than you will decorations and one-time projects. When placing items into storage, make sure to place the storage boxes, file cabinets and other items in logical locations so you can easily access the items you need without searching through one end of the storage unit to the other. So consider having everyday classroom supplies up in the front of the storage unit, and holiday decorations further in the back. Leave aisles open between the boxes and items so you can get to the items you need.

Group Similar Items Together

Another teacher supply storage idea is to group your materials based on similarity. Items that you use for tutoring can be grouped together from items that you use for your regular classroom. You could also group items by type of class and semester. Then you can go through the items logically and use them when needed. In this manner, you decrease the likelihood of classroom materials getting mixed up with tutoring materials and decorations.

Consider Storage Cabinets and Climate Controlled Storage for Extended Use

If you plan to use self-storage for extended use throughout the year, then you may consider climate controlled storage. Climate controlled storage can keep paper documents and electronics safe from damage when dealing with temperature fluctuations, humidity and sunlight. Documents and paper can start to turn yellow and crack, as you won’t be able to use the items for other classes. So if you have projects that you plan to use for several years, you can better preserve the materials with a climate-controlled storage unit.

Storage cabinets are also ideal when using self-storage spaces for extended periods of time. You can label folders that hold lesson plans and documents. This folder system keeps you documents organized without the need to sift through boxes of stacked documents.

Obtain Digitally Controlled Access to Control Who Can Use the Supplies

There is nothing worse than storing away folders and papers in your home only to find the family had raided your stash for their own school work and job projects. Self-storage solutions at Big Tex Self Storage allows you to keep classroom materials locked away so they are reserved just for your teaching endeavors. Digitally-controlled access will allow you to enter the storage unit during the specified hours of the day. Only you will know the access code needed to open the storage unit and the facility gate.

Store Created Projects to Prevent Damage

When you are creating projects that can take time to make, you want to ensure that the project does not become damaged. However, leaving the project on the desk, kitchen table or bedroom floor can invite both spouses, kids and even pets to check out your creation with devastating results. To prevent your project from getting wrecked, and stopping the need to redo it all over again, you can place the project into your self-storage unit. Once the day approaches to take the project out, you can just open up your storage unit, take out your classroom project, and load it into your vehicle before driving to school.

Smaller Teacher Storage Units for the Right Amount of Space

You may have never considered self-storage solutions due to not needing a 10 x 10 or larger space. Yet you can obtain smaller units that would be perfect as teacher supply storage solutions. At Big Tex Self Storage, we have units as small as 5 x 5, 5 x 7.5, 5 x 10 and 7.25 x 5. So just figure out the number of boxes, file systems and other items that you need to place inside. Then you can have the unit that is just the right fit for your storage needs.

Teacher Storage Ideas from Big Tex Self Storage

Having the right place for all your school supplies is becoming a necessity. Classroom sizes are getting bigger, as you need more materials and projects so you can offer the best learning environment for your students. If you are running out of space in your home to hold all your teaching supplies, consider upgrading to a larger space by obtaining a self-storage unit at Big Tex Self Storage.

We offer month-by-month contracts so you can have a storage space just for the summer months or for the entire school year. With storage units that are climate controlled and offer 24-hour video surveillance, you will be rest assured that your items will be kept safe and ready for your classroom. Reach out to our self-storage facility today to learn more about our storage unit sizes and for pricing options.

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