Keep your property safe in self storage units protected with computerized access and 24/7 camera surveillance.

At Big Tex Self Storage, we spared no expense in providing the best security measures to provide a safe storage facility. Trusting us with your belongings means a lot, and we want to repay the favor by not only equipping our facility, but each storage unit, with the most advanced security features.

All our locations offer state-of-the-art security equipment from 24/7 camera surveillance to controlled access. Regardless of storage unit size or storage purpose, each unit is closely monitored to prevent any unauthorized access.

Controlled Access

Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

Our secure self storage units feature digitally controlled access to allow only authorized individuals to your unit through key code access. In addition, our system requires computerized access to enter and leave our facilities as do our sliding glass entry doors and the elevator, which limits access to the floor the unit is rented on. Controlled access allows us to monitor entry and exit activity to ensure that only people you trust gain access to your storage unit.

Door Alarms

Individual door alarms are in place for every storage unit, and each unit is monitored by our trained staff and security cameras.

In addition, our facility is equipped with an after-hours alarm system managed by a monitoring service, which immediately alerts our managers if an alarm sounds.

Defined Access Hours

To ensure the safety of our customers and their property, access hours are limited to 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Once access hours are over, the controlled access system is turned off, and the security system is turned on. Even while away from our secure storage facility, managers can view camera surveillance from their iPads, check hallway activity and dispatch the police should an event occur.

While we have regularly scheduled access hours, we understand that the moving isn’t always a timely process. To make it as hassle-free as possible, we can offer customers 24-hour access the day of their move-in to help them or their movers accomplish the task at hand.

Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage


During office hours, our trained staff and on-site managers monitor storage unit security and provide customer assistance. Our trained staff routinely monitor each of our floors during their daily walkthroughs in addition to our camera surveillance, which our managers can view at all times.

As an added convenience, our managers can accept deliveries on your behalf and keep them in a safe location until you take receipt.


Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

Effective security surveillance is a must at Big Tex. Each of our facilities is equipped with over 40 cameras that record on-site activity 24/7, providing a clear look of who comes and goes. Monitors on every floor provide you a view of activity occurring on your floor, the first floor and the parking area.

Plus, our motion-sensitive lighting alerts us of any movement on each floor, and our parking lots are well lit for additional security at night. Rent a unit online today at one of our secure self storage facilities.

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