Storage Guide: How to Choose the Right Storage Unit Size

A closer look at different storage unit sizes and practical uses.

Even after getting all your belongings together and prepared for self storage, it can still be puzzling when deciding on the unit size to fulfill your needs. There are a variety of options from 25 to 300 square feet. This guide will serve as a resource when examining storage unit sizes for different needs.

It also important before you decide on your storage unit that you have properly packed your items and that you are storing them responsibly and safely. This combined with a secure facility will keep your belongings safe from a possible incident.


A 5×5 storage unit is around the size of a small coat closet. If you have overstuffed hallway closet, this might be a perfect solution. This storage space is also great for bicycles, seasonal clothing/gear and decorations, and small pieces of furniture, such as filing cabinets and side tables. You can store small items in an organized area for the season or until you find a way to get rid of your excess possessions.

These units are great for those that go big on Christmas decorations and those who want to clear out a small amount of clutter around there house. If you are looking to hold some inventory for your small business, this would be a worthwhile investment. The space is small enough to be economical but big enough to give you some much-needed breathing room.


The 5×10 storage units are the size of a small walk-in closet. Here, you can even store small amounts of furniture, including a sofa, chairs, a chest of drawers, or a full or queen box spring and mattress. For commercial users, it’s a convenient size for storing business supplies and records.


At triple the size of the 5×5, the 7.5×10 storage unit has enough space to fit all the accommodations of a studio apartment or small one-bedroom apartment. However, this space isn’t restricted to only those preparing to move.

This space is great for holding miscellaneous items and larger furniture items that you have been crammed in your home. A 7.5×10 storage unit is also useful for an unexpected event, such as storing a recent inheritance that might be difficult to store in your own home.


This unit size is the basis of storage. The 10×10 storage is the most popular size unit and accommodates many needs. This 100 square foot space is half the size of a standard one-car garage. It can typically store the furnishings of a one-bedroom apartment with appliances, furniture, and a dozen boxes and supplies. It can even fit the entire contents of a large family room.


At 150 square feet, this unit size is one of the most versatile storage units in Houston because many times the 10×10 is just not enough… you know, things are bigger in Texas! This includes our furniture and belongings.

With the 10×15 storage unit you can store all the contents of a small house or large two-bedroom apartment. This includes two couches, two sets of box springs and mattresses, a coffee table, a desk and chair, appliances, TV and your dresser drawers. For business storage, a 10×15 can accommodate storing 3 office spaces, boxes, and your extra office equipment.


The size of a standard one-car garage, this unit can hold the furnishings of a 3-bedroom house. At 200 square feet, this space is best for storing extra pieces of furniture, mattress sets, antiques, or large recreational vehicles, like jet skis or motorbikes/dirt bikes.

This unit is useful for clearing out space for your small business, or for storing items while redecorating or renovating several rooms in your house. A 10×20 storage unit is helpful to clear out space to change furniture or to create some extra room for a special occasion.


The 10×30 storage units can hold the amount of belongings in a 4-bedroom house. This unit is not only good for homeowners, but can also be utilized by commercial customers with a large inventory or excessive supplies that need permanent or temporary storage.

A 10×30 storage unit will benefit those moving from a large house and downsizing to a smaller home. You can keep excess furniture and appliances in storage while you furnish your new home. This size storage unit is also helpful for those who have had home damage and are looking for a place to hold possessions while they look for housing.

These are just a sample of a large variety of units available at Big Tex Self Storage. With ten different sized units and additional specialty units, Big Tex has the space for any storage occasion. Check out our storage moving in guide to find the next best practice in your journey in storage. Feel free to contact us for additional help finding the storage unit that fits your needs and for a hassle-free move in.

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