Climate Controlled Storage Houston

Protect your property from the elements with climate controlled storage in Houston.

Houston’s hot and humid summer months can damage unprotected property, and its winter months aren’t to be underestimated either. Extreme
heat or cold can damage sensitive items that are commonly stored such as:

  • Antique or expensive furniture
  • Items made of wood, leather or suede
  • Older photos and videotapes
  • Paper documents such as books
  • Bedding and mattresses
  • Sports equipment
  • Metal appliances

Our climate controlled storage units maintain a constant environment between 65°F – 78°F in order to protect stored items from extreme temperatures. During the winter months, climate controlled storage units are heated, if the external temperature is too cold, and cooled during the summer season, when Houston’s temperatures tend to go sky high. Big Tex Self Storage offers both climate controlled storage and non-climate controlled storage based on location and on our client’s individual needs.

Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage: Climate Controlled Storage vs Non Climate Controlled

There are several advantages to renting a climate controlled storage unit, but it’s important to consider them against the benefits of a non-climate controlled storage unit.

  • Climate controlled storage units protect valuables from the elements, while non-climate controlled units perform well with weather resistant or replaceable items.
  • Non-climate controlled units tend to be less costly than climate controlled ones, but the added expense is made up in terms of the savings in potential property damage to antique or sensitive items.
  • Both climate controlled storage and non-controlled items are maintained equally well in terms of cleanliness.
  • Both unit types are also subject to the same measure of security and surveillance.
  • Climate controlled storage keeps items like furniture, boxes, personal items, business supplies and equipment safe during Houston’s seasons.

A climate controlled storage unit is an ideal solution for people who plan on storing their valuables for an extended period of time. Anyone looking to store items that are expensive or hold sentimental or historical value should also consider climate controlled storage options available at all of our Houston storage facilities.

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