Self Storage for Pharmaceutical Reps – A Convenient Business Solution

Monday July 11, 2016

Self storage can be a convenient solution for pharmaceutical reps, especially if they travel a lot throughout a particular territory. However, it’s also something many reps don’t think about, because they may not realize all of the benefits they could see from storing business materials at strategic locations around the area. Whether you have a set route around a few cities or you travel across the country, considering self storage units can mean a business solution that’s safe, convenient, and inexpensive.

More reps are using these units for pharmaceutical storage, with great success in many cases. Companies that offer specific units for pharmaceutical storage provide an extra layer of protection, as well, because they are more aware of what’s being stored in those units and can take extra steps to help avoid theft and damage to sensitive materials.

Establish a Home Base

As a pharmaceutical rep, you may not have access to a physical location where you know your supplies and shipments are safe, sound, and securely waiting for you. A commercial storage unit is an especially convenient solution for pharmaceutical reps to establish a home base where they can store their marketing materials and have inventory delivered while they are out and about.

Lighten Your Load

Being a pharmaceutical rep can mean long hours and unfamiliar places, but it can also mean a lot of resources to carry around. The samples of medications take up space, and so does the literature and the marketing materials you’ll need to bring along. When you use a facility that offers storage units for sales rep storage, you’re much more able to travel light and still have everything you need close by when you get to your location. That can mean better service for your clients, and can keep you from running out of what you need when you’re on the road.

Protect Your Inventory and Business Materials

While you need to know that your samples, literature, and marketing materials will be protected from theft and damage, you also want to make sure they’re protected from the elements. Among the ways you can do that is good packaging, but you should also consider a climate controlled storage unit. With climate control, anything you store will stay between a set, narrow range of temperatures. The humidity will also be kept stable, so you won’t have to worry about too much humidity or really dry conditions causing a problem for the paper products or samples you’ve stored.

Pharmaceutical Sales Storage

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