We believe in providing easy self storage through services and features centered around convenient moving and storing.

At Big Tex, we believe that the convenience of self storage should extend beyond having additional space to store property, which is why we strive to provide our customers with the most convenient storage options as they come to our facilities. Every self storage service and feature we offer is aimed to make our customers’ storing experience as smooth and pain free possible, whether they are moving in or out of the unit, or just need to pick something up or put it back.

Complimentary Truck Rental

We offer a free truck rental for our customers who need the extra horsepower or space to transport their belongings. Upon signing a rental agreement for one of our storage units, customers are free to borrow one of our 10’ to 14′ Big Tex Moving Trucks at move-in to save them the cost of renting or the trouble of borrowing from the closest relative with the biggest truck. All we ask is that a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance (e.g only a current auto policy that covers truck rental) is provided. Please note, our free truck rental offer can be used only once at move-in only.

Clean, Functional Facilities

When storing your belongings in one of our storage units, you deserve a clean facility made to protect your property as well as yourself. All of our locations are regularly cleaned to meet sanitary requirements. In addition, we regularly perform pest control and property maintenance to ensure maximum levels of cleanliness and order to provide for an enjoyable storing experience.

Our modernized storing facilities are also equipped with motion-sensitive lighting in the hallways, video monitors on each floor that allow you to view facility activity, and even relaxing music that just might make you forget where you are. For those renting business storage units, we can provide WiFi access on select floors to file administrators who might be staying a little longer to review documents.

Ideal Facility Locations

Big Tex Self Storage is proud to provide storage facilities conveniently located across the Houston area. Never out of the way, our self storage units are easily accessed from major roads in the areas that you live and work. Our River Oaks storage facility, located at 3202 Weslayan St., is ideally located to serve residents and professionals in the Uptown/Galleria, West University, Upper
Kirby/Greenway Plaza areas.

Our upcoming Montrose storage facility, located at 1810 Richmond, is primed to serve those in the areas of Montrose, West University, Midtown, Southampton, and Boulevard Oaks area. Our location in The Woodlands, at 24922 Kuykendahl Road, is perfect for Spring and Tomball residents living in the areas of Creekside Park, Augusta Pines, Carlton Woods, and Auburn Lakes.

Hassle-Free Loading & Moving

During Houston’s hot summer months and cool winters, our customers appreciate our hassle-free loading zones to speed up the storing process and save you money from movers’ fees. Our loading zones also offer covered loading so your belongings stay in peak condition in the event of rainy or unfortunate weather.

All of our self storage facilities feature sliding doors to quicken the pace of transporting your items to our climate controlled units. In addition, The Woodlands location features an access controlled gate system, which protects our convenient drive-up units (non-climate controlled), as well as the facility itself. We also provide free use of our dollies and platform trucks to make the moving of your property from vehicle to unit as efficient as possible.

Two large freight elevators give customers with easy access to their unit floor. With key input these elevators can stay open as long as needed to load and unload boxes. In addition, for customers who might need some moving flexibility while moving into a new storage unit, we offer 24-hour access the day of move-in to help them or their movers accomplish the task at hand.

Simplified Payments

By making the storing process as seamless as possible, we offer online payment options and no hidden fees or deposits for our customers. Our storage units for rent are priced competitively relative to other local storage facilities and we allow for month-to-month rental agreements, no long-term lease or commitment needed.

Our convenient online payment options through our customized tenant account manager, which allows our customers to make a payment, view payment history, and email the facility manager. The account manager also allows customers to set up “no late fee guarantee” auto payments by using a credit or debit card securely on-file.

Optional Self Storage Insurance

For added protection, Big Tex Storage can sell our valued customers a tenant insurance policy from Great American Insurance, an “A” rated company. These policies provide inexpensive peace of mind that your belongings are covered in the case of an unfortunate event such as fire, burglary, tornado damage, and other unpredictable “what ifs”.

Many home owner and renter insurance policies do not cover “off-site storage” protection; and while some do, the deductible might be on the higher end. Our self storage insurance solution provides inexpensive coverage for your valued goods while in storage. We offer a $2,000 policy for $9 a month, a $3,000 policy for $12 per month, and a $5,000 policy for $20 per month.

Furthermore, there is no deductible with our policy as long as a disc lock (rather than a padlock) is used on the unit. We only sell high-quality disc locks in our on-site supply stores for this very reason.

Moving Supplies

To ensure our customers have everything they need, we have an on-site packing and moving supply store at each Big Tex location. Having on-hand packing and moving supplies helps customers remaining stress-free in the event they forget or need additional supplies.

Our selection of moving supplies includes boxes of various sizes—small, medium, large, extra-large and wardrobe-sized — as well as packing tape, wrapping paper, bubble sheets, packing peanuts, dish packing packs, glass packing packets, and disc locks for your unit. As an add on, we can provide and install racking systems to make storing files, documents, and other items more organized and convenient.

Convenient Access Hours

All of our storage locations across Houston can be accessed by customers 365 days a year, seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. We work with our customers to accommodate any special requests during our office hours, which significantly overlap with access hours. Convenient and secure, our digitally controlled access allows only authorized individuals into your unit through key code access.

In addition, our gate system and sliding glass doors requires computerized access to enter and leave our facilities, as does use of the elevator, which limits access to the floor the unit is rented on. Controlled access allows entry and exit activity to be monitored, to ensure that only people you trust get access to your storage unit.

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