8 Essential Tips for Preparing Your House for Vacation

Monday May 2, 2022
A Big Tex Storage unit that can store items while you’re on vacation.

When you’re going on vacation one of your worries will probably be making sure the house is well-taken care of. This may include the keep up the house itself as well as all your belongings. Luckily, here are eight essential tips for preparing your house for a vacation! 

1. Clean and Organize Your House

Start by cleaning and organizing your home before you leave. Everything from dusting, wiping down the walls, to cleaning out the fridge can all be tasks. 

2. Consider a House-Sitter While on Vacation

This tip can be crucial especially if you have pets. Instead of having to relocate them during your vacation, you can hire a friend or family member to periodically check up on your home. 

3. Leave a Light On

Having a few lights on, it can make your home look occupied and thus make burglars less likely to enter. 

4. Spray for Bugs

If you don’t have a house-sitter, you should spray insecticide before you go to keep away/eliminate bugs. 

5. Give a Call to Your Post Office

To prevent newspapers and mail from piling up, ask your post office to hold any mail. 

6. Consider a Security System

You might already have an alarm system ready. If you want to amp up your security measures, however, you can also install cameras that will allow you to keep track of your home at any time. 

7. Protect Your Vehicle

If you’re leaving your vehicle at home make sure that it’s secured inside your garage. Alternatively, you may consider putting it into storage. 

8. Put Some Items Into Storage

Even with the best home defenses, it’s still possible that something may happen to your valuables. That’s why if you’re going on a vacation for days, weeks, or months, the best strategy is investing in self storage. Luckily, companies like Big Tex Storage have plenty of storage units available. 

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Some essential tips for preparing your house for vacation with storage may include hiring a house-sitter, spraying for bugs, leaving a few lights on, cleaning and organinizing, and putting items into storage by contacting Big Tex Storage. You can learn more about their rates and storage units available. 

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