Mar 21, 2019

Although the weather shifts between seasons aren’t as dramatic in Texas as they are in other parts of the country, you still need to rotate seasonal clothing for your family, put away winter holiday decorations, and much more. While you know that spring cleaning is necessary, it’s also a big job. Here's our spring cleaning tips checklist. All at Once or a Little at a Time? Before you tackle your spring cleaning job, assess how much time you have to devote to the project. If you have an entire weekend free

Feb 28, 2019

If you’re one of the many people inspired by the Marie Kondo Method, you’ve likely attempted to declutter your home. Maybe tidying up was your New Year’s Resolution, or perhaps you decided to start “spring cleaning” a little early after catching Marie’s new Netflix show. You’re not alone. One in four Americans has a “clutter problem.” Eighty-four percent worry their homes aren’t organized. The need for help with the insurmountable task of “decluttering” has exploded so much that the National Association of Professional Organizers has grown from 400 to more than

Jan 29, 2019

People sometimes have mistaken ideas about what it means to become a minimalist. Perhaps you have heard some of the myths that minimalism means giving away nearly all of your belongings, selling your home, and living in the tiniest space possible. The reality is that minimalism is about much more than any specific action you can take and is more of a mindset that you embrace. If you have decided you want to become a minimalist, here's how to start. Start by Changing One Aspect of Your Life Becoming a minimalist

Aug 13, 2018

The kids are back at school as you check out the living room. It's come to a point where you have designated pathways around the mounds of things so you don't step on anything. It's time to declutter your home while the house is empty. Grab the garbage bags, line up the storage containers or new boxes and get the Houston self storage unit ready. Here are some fast tips to reorganize and reclaim your home again during the school year. Prepare Before You Begin Before you start your decluttering journey,

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