Jan 29, 2019

People sometimes have mistaken ideas about what it means to become a minimalist. Perhaps you have heard some of the myths that minimalism means giving away nearly all of your belongings, selling your home, and living in the tiniest space possible. The reality is that minimalism is about much more than any specific action you can take and is more of a mindset that you embrace. If you have decided you want to become a minimalist, we offer several physical and emotional steps you can take towards this goal below. Start

Jan 15, 2019

Are you resolving to declutter your home in the new year, but having a hard time finding a place for your sentimental possessions? A great solution is to put items such as sports memorabilia, vintage vinyl records, old vacation souvenirs, or even your wine collection in a climate controlled storage unit. By placing them in storage, you can cut down on clutter in your home while still holding on to the possessions that are most meaningful to you. Here are a few tips to help you store those items safely and

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