May 19, 2016

As longtime Houston residents are already aware, flooding can cause significant damage and cost a fortune on unforeseen repairs. Since flooding can happen in a moment's notice, it can be difficult to fully prepare without the proper information and tools. Here are our top tips for flood proof storage to help ensure that your valuables are safe during the next storm season. 1. Invest in Flood Insurance. If you place items in storage, you may need a separate policy for storage insurance. Your homeowners insurance may not cover items not kept

Feb 24, 2016

Packing your valuables into a storage unit in Houston may be more complicated than you think. By efficiently and effectively stacking boxes in your unit, you will prevent damage to your property and injury to people inside the unit. With the proper planning, you’ll know where things fit and be able to maneuver around your unit with relative ease. Plus, you're maximizing on the space you're paying for every month. Before moving in your belongings to a storage unit in Houston, take into account these packing for storage tips so you

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