Do You Need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

Wednesday January 17, 2018

When you put some of your personal belongings into storage long-term, you always run the risk of sustaining damage to them due to humidity. This is one reason why you could benefit from climate-controlled storage units. Below we discuss some of the most common items to place in Houston climate-controlled storage.

Effects of Humidity and Moisture on Your Personal Items

Humidity and moisture can wreak havoc on your oldest and most valuable possessions. Unfortunately, storing them in your garage, closet, or a storage unit without climate control leaves them vulnerable to this type of damage. It is best to put these types of personal items into a climate-controlled self storage unit:

While not everything needs to be in a climate controlled storage unit, here are nine items you may want to take extra care with by protecting them a little bit more.

1). Metal Appliances

Metal may seem solid, but heat and cold can cause it to flex and eventually warp. To keep your metal appliances working the right way, and to protect the way they look, they should be in a climate controlled unit if you need to store them in the Houston area.

2). Expensive Furniture

The more expensive your furniture is the more delicate it may be. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to put it into a climate controlled environment anytime you need to remove it from your home, even for a few days.

3). Antiques

Antiques are quite delicate, and the chances are high that they’ve already been through a lot. Exposing them to temperature and humidity changes can cause deterioration, so it’s better if they’re stored where climate control is available.

4). Books and Paper Documentsbusiness files

Anything made from paper can be damaged by too much humidity, and by strong temperature extremes. Excessive dryness can also damage books and other papers over time, so climate controlled storage in Houston is the best option.

5). Mattresses and Bedding

Keeping your mattresses and other bedding free of too much humidity can help them last longer, and can reduce the chances of mold and mildew. That will keep your items smelling and feeling fresher and cleaner, too.

6). Leather, Suede and Wood

By using climate controlled storage in Houston, you will be protecting your wooden, leather, and suede items from damage and breakdown. That can let you enjoy the things that are important to you for a much longer period of time.

7). Sports Equipment

Even though it seems like sports equipment is very durable, it can still be damaged by temperature and humidity extremes. To make sure it’s ready when you need it, put it into a climate controlled unit when it’s not in use.

8). Coin Collections

The heat and humidity of Texas can quickly cause oxidation of your coins. This means that the metal will fade and tarnish, leaving the coins worth much less than you would expect if you decide to sell them.

9). Wine

wine storage on racks

Wine must be carefully stored between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit in an environment that is not too humid. It’s one of the most delicate items to store. See how to store a wine for the freshest pour.

10). Electronics

Electronic equipment may be sensitive to extreme temperatures and dust, making a climate-controlled unit your best bet.

11). Old Videotapes and Photos

Videotapes and photos are more delicate than many people realize. Because of that, it’s important to make sure they are always stored where they climate can be regulated. Otherwise they can very easily become damaged, losing the potential for many significant memories.

Helpful tips for storing photos: When looking for a safe container for your pictures, look for materials that pass the Photographic Activity Test (PAT), which should be advertised directly on the container. Photo boxes are a great way to store photos, but they need to be filled to the precise amount.

Be careful not to overfill your photo album or box as this can cause pictures to bend or crease. If you would like to be extra careful you can use a secure photo storage container with dividers to prevent any blending or sticking. When temperatures reach too high, photos can blend together and deteriorate, whereas climate controlled units will prevent this catastrophe.

Avoid the use of rubber bands, tape or paper clips to group your photos together. These provide chemical elements, such as sulfur and acid, that can deteriorate and damage your photos over time. Paper clips can easily scratch your photos as well causing unsightly white streaks.

Perks of Climate Controlled Storage Units

Choosing climate controlled storage units in Houston is one of the best ways to ensure your belongings are protected from summertime’s high humidity and temperature. Our climate controlled storage units stay between 65°F – 78°F with special measures in place to keep humidity at appropriate levels. Our state-of-the-art facilities across Houston all provide climate controlled storage units to protect items from the elements. Some of the benefits of choosing Houston climate controlled storage units over their counterparts include:

  • Better protection from Houston’s humidity and damaging effects
  • Greater variety of items able to be stored safely
  • Higher property savings compared to damaged items in non-climate controlled units
  • Greater flexibility if items stored over a long period of time

If you are storing any of the above items and want to extend the lifespan of your valuables for as long as possible, the answer to whether you need climate-controlled storage is a resounding yes.

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