Downsizing Your Business Space During the Pandemic

Tuesday June 9, 2020
Take advantage of affordable self storage to efficiently downsize during the pandemic.

How to Downsize Your Office Space

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing businesses to change. Some companies are allowed to open due to being essential businesses; others may reduce their hours or workforce to prevent the spread of this novel virus. Many employees can perform their work at home and are trying to arrange workspaces that will allow them to get tasks done without being interrupted by the kids who are in remote learning. (Read: The Best Methods for Downsizing a Home)

If you are in this situation, you may wonder what to do with the equipment and merchandise that are sitting out in storefronts. Is it the right time for downsizing your business? Since many employees could continue to perform their jobs at home, you don’t want to lease real estate that you won’t need and you may have lower working capital and profits coming in.

At Big Tex Self Storage, we’re the experts in business storage. Here are our tips for corporate downsizing.

Corporate Downsizing to Reduce Operating Expenses

Reducing your operating expenses with corporate relocation can be the best route when reopening your business or changing your procedures. You can ensure that your operations don’t become bloated with wasteful tasks, equipment and excess inventory. Your office, retail or business space, or a portion thereof, may be subleased to another business to offset your expense during the term of your lease, or you can use the space as a display area for merchandise and sales services while administration processes and order fulfillment are provided at the smaller office or even from a less expensive self storage unit.

Another way to reduce operating costs is to adopt just-in-time inventory management. This manufacturing fulfillment strategy involves only creating products when there is customer demand for them. For the excess equipment, inventory and paper files, we suggest that you use a storage unit. With a storage unit, you can free up areas and possibly reduce costly business rental space.

Consider Storage Units for Business Closures

If your business is closed, you may be worried about your office equipment, electronics, furniture, supplies and business records left in the empty building or where to move it should you give back your space to the landlord. As the summer temperatures rise and with the building’s HVAC systems shut off, the heat can damage electronics, office equipment and supplies. You also don’t want to take the chance that the building could be burglarized and equipment stolen or business records taken to commit fraud.

A storage unit from Big Tex Self Storage allows you to preserve any equipment, electronics, furniture, supplies and fixtures in a climate-controlled space. These units are ideal when storing paper records or media on portable electronic storage devices. You can choose from a range of sizes, and our systems provide 24-hour surveillance, door alarms and computerized access. In addition, we provide pest control so your furniture and records aren’t damaged.

Dedicate Space in Your Home for Work Tasks

If you’re trying to find space in your home to work, consider creating a private office. Think about allocating at least 30 square feet to 50 square feet for the work area. Separate the area with a partition if possible and declutter the new space.

For items that you don’t use frequently, place them into a storage unit off site. This strategy will provide you with more space for your home office and family life. Consider using a storage facility that is close to your home, such as Big Tex Self Storage locations in River Oaks, Montrose and Garden Oaks. Then you can easily get the items you need when you need them.

Getting Ready for Summer

With a stay-cation camp, craft project or other indoor activity, you can make your home a happy place while waiting for the pandemic to pass. Declutter a space and move the items that you don’t use to storage so you can have enough room for family activities. Then organize the space based on your children’s ages by stocking up the area with school and art supplies. Use the space for family game nights, get-togethers, art projects and even family yoga. The space can double as a teaching or homework area when school begins in September.

Big Tex Storage Solutions

Ready for corporate downsizing or working from home? Be more productive and strategic with Big Tex Storage options in numerous sizes, with 24-hour surveillance, so you can be confident your essential records and equipment are secure.

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