Houston Wine Storage – Tips for Protecting Your Collection

Monday February 15, 2016

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or one of the largest restaurants in town, your wine collection needs to be well taken care of. But before you put your wine collection in your refrigerator and think you’re done, it’s best to know how to properly store it. In fact, you can damage your wine collection if not taken well care of. And if you’ve got a sizable wine collection, that can cost you a pretty penny in losses.

Before you treat yourself to a nice glass of wine, make sure to treat your bottles with just as much care. Here’s a few tips to protect your wine collection and making it last for years to come.

1. Temperature is Key

Placing your wine collection in your fridge might seem like a good idea. Its cold temperature keeps your fruits and vegetables in great condition, so it must also be appropriate for wine right? Not quite. Depending on the temperature of your refrigerator, it might not meet the demands of your wine collection. Proper wine storage in Houston, or in any other city, requires the temperature
to be kept between 52° and 58°. A Houston wine storage unit with the proper infrastructure and climate-controlled features are ideal in maintaining the perfect temperature.

2. Store in a Dark or Shaded Environment

Using your wine bottles as decorations around your kitchen or living room can be a great idea and bring a unique feel to each. However, beware of the sun. Placing wine bottles near windows or in direct sunlight can prematurely age them, and potentially ruin their flavor. Plus, if you’re familiar with Houston’s hot and humid summers, sunlight can be very hot and damaging. Although you shouldn’t worry too much about light emanating from household light bulbs, it’s best to keep your wine collection in a cool and dark location.

3. Positioning Matters

Properly positioning your wine bottles might be an afterthought or sound silly, but it can make a difference. When you see wine bottles laying on their side, it is for a reason. In order to keep the cork from drying out and letting oxygen into the bottle, wine should be in contact with it to keep it damp enough. This is especially important if you’re planning on aging your wine or drinking it later down the road. Plus, bottles laying on their side can be a space-saver.

4. Keep Out of Harms Way

The last thing you want to happen to your wine collection is for an accident to happen and a bottle to break. Although you can use your wine collection as decoration, a Houston wine storage unit may give you the confidence knowing your collection is in the hands of professionals. If your wine collection holds significant financial or emotional value, everyday accidents in your house can give you extra incentive to seek the right protection.

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