How Business Storage Units Can Benefit Your Small Business

Friday March 24, 2017

Small businesses can range from a family restaurant passed down from generations, to a growing online shop started in your spare time. However, just because your business is considered small, it doesn’t mean there’s not a ton of “stuff” to deal with. You may be dealing with excess equipment or a plethora of paperwork, and are quickly discovering that you just don’t have the space for it anymore. Business self-storage is a convenient and cost-efficient way to maintain all of that “stuff” bogging you down.

What Are My Business Storage Options?

When the decision has been made to start transitioning your belongings to storage you want to make sure you find a business storage unit that fits your needs. Sizes can range from rooms for legal file storage to commercial storage units so take inventory of everything you plan on moving out and choose a unit size can fit your belongings. If you are running a small business out of your home, like an Etsy shop, you might want to choose a unit that has a little extra room for when your business begins growing or when you decide to stock up on products to avoid back-orders.

For businesses like Independent Publishers or private Legal Offices that deal with a lot of paperwork or books, storing in your garage or attic hasn’t been an option due to harsh Texas heat and humidity that can cause damage to your goods. Climate-controlled storage can greatly benefit your business and keep your important documents, magazines, brochures, and books safe from damage.

Seasons Change

Retail shops are constantly changing their inventory based on trends and seasons. With the way Houston weather has fluctuated in the last few years, it’s hard to say when you need to officially box up all your winter or summer items. Rather than having to re-box heavy sweaters and constantly unpack tank tops for the 80 degree Christmases, you can keep a select inventory in Houston storage. Here you are able to keep all of your items on the rack and access them easily on days they are needed. The same goes for continually shifting trends. You never know when those 90’s style chokers and 80’s harem pants will come back in style, so rather than having to search through boxes of clothes, you can keep them easily accessible in your personal storage unit.

Retail isn’t the only business effected by changing seasons; individual Contractors and Landscapers are also adapting their inventory based on the time of year. Harsh winter and summer months leave most lawns sparse, but the flourishing fall and spring months can kick these businesses into high gear. Large equipment like lawnmowers, bags of soil, and leaf-blowers can take up a lot of garage space. By storing them in a business storage unit individuals can access them when needed and make extra room in their home space for other inventory needed during their correlating seasons.

Minimizing Business Expansion Costs

Though your small business is rapidly growing, larger real-estate may not be an option for your storefront quite yet, or maybe you started an online business from your garage or home office and are quickly running out of much needed space. Some Etsy shops creating handmade items start out small and owners can maintain off-season products, such as holiday or seasonal décor, but as your business grows so does your need for an extra room. Storage Talk conducted a recent study to determine the cost of storage space vs. apartment space, representing the Houston market. According to these results you could be saving over $1,000 by renting a storage unit over a larger apartment to make room for your growing inventory. This means more money going towards your business supplies rather than space to store them.

Big Tex offers a variety of self-storage for businesses with convenient access hours, WiFi access, climate-control, and exceptional security. Contact us today to see how your growing business can benefit from a self-storage unit in Houston.

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