How to Maximize Space in Your Self-Storage Unit: Organization Hacks

Monday February 26, 2024

organizing your storage

Maximizing space in your self-storage unit doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right approach, you can efficiently use every square inch of your space at Big Tex Self Storage in Houston, TX. Here’s how to organize your storage unit for maximum efficiency.

Plan Ahead

Before packing your storage unit, outline what you’ll store and decide on the unit size that best fits your needs. Creating an inventory list is also beneficial for keeping track of your items.

Stick to Uniform Box Sizes

Choosing boxes of the same size can help in creating a more organized and stable stack, allowing you to use your space more effectively. Clearly label each box for easy identification. Big Tex Storage sells quality boxes and packing supplies at great prices. 

Furniture Disassembly

Save space by dismantling larger furniture items. Protect each piece with appropriate coverings during storage. 

Accessible Layout

Organize your unit with accessibility in mind. A central or side walkway can provide easy access to items without the need to rearrange. Feel free to call any of our storage professionals any day of the week to help you select the right size. Or you can use our Online Sizing Guide tool.

Leverage Vertical Space

Utilize the full height of your storage unit by stacking boxes and using shelving for lighter items and smaller boxes. At Big Tex Storage, our units are at least 9’ tall, maximizing your space with added storage capacity.

Organize Smaller Items

For boxes containing numerous small items, use internal organizers to maintain order and prevent items from shifting. For fragile items like dishware and glasses, we offer dish-and-glass packs that provide padded dividers to keep your precious items from damage during your move and storage.

Utilize Wall Space for Unwieldy Items

For items that cannot be boxed, like sports equipment or tools, consider installing hooks or racks on the walls of your unit to save floor space. Big Tex Storage was purposely built, unlike our competitors. Our unit divider walls run all the way up to the ceiling, truly separating your belongings from your neighbors stuff.

With these organization tips, you can significantly enhance the usability of your self-storage space at Big Tex Self Storage in Houston, TX. Careful planning and strategic organization can turn your storage unit into a highly efficient space, making it easier to store and access your belongings as needed.

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