Hurricane Self Storage: It’s Time to Prepare

Saturday July 21, 2018

Last hurricane season was a tough time for Houston residents and the surrounding area, with Hurricane Harvey dumping torrents of rain on the city and leaving it a flooded mess. Unfortunately, hurricane season is upon us yet again and while we all hope that it will be much milder than it was last year, it’s a smart idea to be prepared for the worst.

Storing your valuable belongings with a trusted Houston self storage provider is an effective way to ensure that your stuff is safe from damage when the rains and winds of a hurricane come through.


There are a few important things to consider if you plan to store your belongings in a storage unit in order to protect your valuables from a hurricane, starting with the right time to rent your unit. If keeping your belongings safe from damage during a hurricane is your only reason for needing a storage unit, it may not make sense for you to rent out a unit at the start of every hurricane season.

On the other hand, if you wait too long you may find there are no more units available. So make a plan now for which hurricane storage provider you will go with when a storm is inbound. You want to be sure the storage location was not flooded during Hurricane Harvey or previous storms.

It’s also wise to choose a Houston self storage provider that provides climate controlled units to protect your belongings from humidity and possible moisture damage during the storm. Climate controlled storage units also provide cooler temperatures in case a power outage occurs.

Pro Tip: Consider finding a facility that rents online (not just takes reservations), so you can have piece of mind knowing you have a storage unit leased, not “soft booked”.


As for securing your items in the storage unit, storing as many items as possible in waterproof containers is a good backup measure. While none of the items in our storage units got wet during Hurricane Harvey, there’s always the possibility that a larger hurricane could come along and produce different results.

Other things to consider when organizing your hurricane storage unit:

  • Pack important documents and papers in Ziploc bags
  • Put valuables on a shelf or platform to raise them off the ground
  • Use pallets for furniture pieces that can’t go on a shelf

Pro Tip: Consider putting a bag of charcoal in the storage unit to protect your things from any added moisture and unpleasant odors. But be sure to not place the bag against or near your stuff as your valuables could get damaged.


Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a category 4 hurricane, dropping 51.9 inches of rain on top of Houston. Nevertheless, all of the storage units at each Big Tex location remained high and dry thanks to their quality construction and the fact that they were built on elevated pads.

While some self storage providers took advantage of the hurricane as an opportunity to jack up their prices, Big Tex Self Storage not only maintained their pricing but also gave larger discounts to people who were storing items for just a few months in order to protect them from the hurricane. All told, we at Big Tex Self Storage are incredibly proud of how our city responded to this disaster and are honored to have been able to help Houstonians protect their belongings from Hurricane Harvey.

At Big Tex Self Storage, our number one priority is helping residents of Houston and the surrounding area keep their belongings safe. Contact us today to learn about the different types of units we have available and make us a part of your hurricane preparedness plan!

Please note: We will not accept furniture that is already wet, so be sure to move your belongings into the storage unit well before the rain hits.

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