Military Self-Storage Options

Tuesday April 24, 2018

Any moment you may be deployed overseas. You also have to worry about what will happen to your belongings while you are away. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about your personal belongings, electronics, appliances or vehicle when you take advantage of a Houston self-storage provider.


By using self-storage, military service members have greater control over how personal possessions are protected. You don’t need to have someone go over to your apartment or home to inspect things occasionally if you are worried about a break-in. Instead, a regular 10 x 10 storage room provides enough space to hold the items from a one-bedroom apartment. So you can store dressers, clothing, a bed frame, mattresses, appliances, cabinets, outdoor equipment and other storage boxes.

With everything in storage, you will know that your items are secure as each storage unit has its own enhanced security with door alarm and monitored surveillance system. In addition, a self-storage provider also offers pest control and maintenance services so that your valuables are free from damage.

Selecting a climate-controlled storage unit is also a benefit. If you are deployed for over 6 months to a year, the different seasonal temperature fluctuations can negatively harm certain possessions such as artwork, furniture, clothing, and electronics. A climate-controlled storage unit will maintain the same temperature year-round to lessen the likelihood of damage.


Another major worry for a military service member being deployed out of the Houston area is that you must leave your personal vehicle behind. Having your vehicle out in the weather for months or years can lead to dead batteries, flat tires, damaged exterior paint, break-ins or even sideswipes from other vehicles if you have to keep your car parked out on the side of the street.

Using a vehicle storage facility allows you to place your vehicle in a dry location instead of out in the street. You won’t have to worry about accidents or people trying to steal your vehicle. If you do decide to place your vehicle into a storage unit, use the following tips so the car is in the best condition when you come back from deployment:

  • Clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle
  • Change the oil
  • Inflate the tires
  • Take the negative charge cable off the battery


Self-storage solutions can make life easier and stress-free for military service personnel who may be deployed. Reach out to Big Tex Self Storage. We have convenient self-storage units and month-to-month leases that would be perfect for military members. You can get the secure, climate-controlled storage unit that is the right size for your belongings and your vehicle.

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