How to Become a Minimalist

Tuesday January 29, 2019

People sometimes have mistaken ideas about what it means to become a minimalist. Perhaps you have heard some of the myths that minimalism means giving away nearly all of your belongings, selling your home, and living in the tiniest space possible.

The reality is that minimalism is about much more than any specific action you can take and is more of a mindset that you embrace. If you have decided you want to become a minimalist, here’s how to start.

Start by Changing One Aspect of Your Life

Becoming a minimalist does not happen overnight. After making the decision to pursue this lifestyle, commit to taking the time to reflect on the things you most want to change in your life. Living a minimalist lifestyle means being willing to let go of things that cause you excess stress when it is within your power to do so. If you are unwilling or not ready to give up beloved belongings, consider setting what you use daily and what you don’t.

Some other steps you can take on your way towards minimalism include:

  • Store away your sentimental collectibles
  • Unsubscribe from postal mail lists
  • Create a budget and buy only what you need to survive

When considering a new purchase, don’t buy it if you can’t see yourself using it a year from now.

Make a List of Must-Haves

Downsizing your belonging is a process, not something you will do all at once. In fact, it is better to not attempt to downsize or declutter all at the same time because you may be overzealous in your approach. Instead, choose a time when you are feeling relaxed and take an inventory of your personal belongings. One column should contain things you cannot live without, such as clothing and grooming supplies. The other column should list items you currently own but that seem to do little more than add clutter to your life. You can then decide what to do with each individual item.

Big Tex Can Help in Your Quest for Minimalism

If you have things you would like to keep but still want to declutter your living space, consider renting storage space at Big Tex Storage. We offer 10 size options ranging from 5 X 5, which provides 300 square feet of storage space, to 10 X 30, which offers enough space to fit the contents of a four-bedroom home. We also offer separate storage options for wine collections and business items.

Off-site storage with security and climate control features can make an excellent solution for the transition period between your current life and living as a minimalist. You can visit our Houston locations at any time if you want to retrieve items to sell them or have decided they are vital for your new lifestyle after all.

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