Holiday Decoration & Storage Survival Guide

Wednesday November 27, 2019

The holidays snuck up on us in 2019, which calls for stressful times. But let’s not forget it still is the most wonderful time of the year! Thanksgiving is here, and Christmas is right around the corner. This means everyone is most likely scrambling with decorations, cooking, place settings, last-minute grocery shopping, and gifts galore. Plus the Christmas tree. We can’t forget about the tree! There’s no need to turn into the Grinch with all the preparations in store for you. Staying organized and having fun can go hand in hand during the holidays – as well as keep you from getting too overwhelmed. With proper planning and preparation, even the holidays can be easy.


Where does one start? First, it’s time to hunker down and yank out all the holiday decorations from your garage or storage closet that is probably overflowing- Spring cleaning never lasts till Fall, let’s be honest. Then, it’s time to turn on that holiday playlist and grab your loved ones. Decorating alone can be tiresome while decorating with your loved ones can be memorable and eventful. What makes you excited about the holidays? Is it the tree? The lights? The garland along the staircase? When you begin decorating, tackle the big stuff first- and all the small details will follow and work themselves out seamlessly.


The star of the show! Or is the star on top of the tree the star of the show? Either way, your Christmas tree decorations may feel a bit intimidating at first, but alas, the time is here and the eggnog is depending on you to create the perfect tree to tie all your decorations together. First, start with the lights and garland, then follow up with any extra personal flair you desire, whether you’re an ornaments person, ribbon, or accessories, the creative freedom is exponential! Grab those special decorations from storage and get to work.


Once your tree is in order and all your ornaments are in place. It is time to take the rest of your decorations and let them find their places in your home. Whether along the staircase, on the banister, across windows or in corners that deserve a little sprucing- there definitely is space for a second Santa… We won’t tell! Let your interior design skills flow and give the most boring places in your home a little flair with dainty details like snowflakes and timeless tartan plaid. The most wonderful time of the year deserves recognition, and your appreciation will show with the decorations you choose to display for your loved ones throughout your home. Even the bathroom could use a little joy. Maybe even the storage closet door! The possibilities are endless. Have fun with it.


When the holidays are over, it is easy to feel like the Grinch with all the decorations needed to be stored away until next year’s festivities. Big Tex Storage is here to help you. We have self-storage options where you can store items based on the season. You can put your summer items in storage when you go to take out your fall and winter holiday items to get your home decorated for loved ones and dinner parties. Then, when it’s time for the festivities to come to a halt, you can easily store them with Big Tex Storage to declutter your home in the Spring. A one-stop self-storage solution is exactly what Santa wanted to gift you this season to ease the holiday headache.

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