Houston Self Storage Guide for New Residents

Friday January 15, 2016

If you’re considering a move to Houston, whether for professional or personal reasons, there’s a lot to recommend about the city. There are nearly 6.5 million people residing in the Houston metro area, making it the fourth most populous city in the United States. Along with the population boom, many Fortune 500 businesses are headquartered here, including national companies such as ConocoPhillips, Halliburton and Baker Hughes. On top of all that, Houston was ranked first on Forbes “America’s Fastest-Growing Cities 2015” list.

So that’s the upside of living in Houston. The downside, of course, is the time and effort you’ll have to expend to move here, particularly from another state. You never realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated until you have to transport it, which is why renting a Houston self storage unit may be your best bet until you’re able to establish yourself in town.

Houston Storage Services for Old Belongings

Whether you’re traveling light or bringing every single belonging with you from another part of the country, your biggest adjustment may be acclimating yourself to Houston’s year-round heat and humidity. Be prepared for the tropical weather here by learning about typical Houston weather. We suggest leaving the sweaters and heavy coats at home, unless you’d rather keep them in a Houston self storage unit. In any event, our Houston storage services can accommodate your move with our expansive storage choices to make your move easier.

Useful Vehicle Storage Facilities Houston

More so than most major metropolitan cities, Houston’s public transportation system is limited. Houston buses don’t run nearly as frequently as they do in, say, New York, nor are they a convenient way of getting to many parts of town. In the long run, you’ll find that life here is just easier with a fully operational vehicle—especially since (to revisit a theme) Houston’s heat is often so oppressive that you’ll be thankful for the AC unit in your car. Additionally, if you’re running out of space in your garage or driveway, consider storing your boat or antique vehicle in one of our storage facilities Houston.

Relocation Budget and Unforeseen Costs

Between hiring movers, renting a U-Haul and securing a storage unit for your stuff, moving can be expensive. And that’s not even taking into consideration travel incidentals such as food, gas and hotel money. With that in mind, be sure to save some greenbacks in advance of your move and consult an online moving cost calculator in order to determine how much you’ll need to spend.

Convenient Self Storage in Houston for Renters

Ideally, you’ll have already secured a place to live by the time you arrive in Houston. However, circumstances may dictate the size and suitability of your domicile. In other words, the place you move to may be smaller than the place you’re moving from. Storage units can serve as a temporary haven for your belongings until you have a permanent place to store them (i.e. a house). That’s why our convenient self storage in Houston is perfect for movers looking for a safe place to store their belongings.

At Big Tex, we know that moving stuff to your new Houston home can be expensive. That’s why we’re offering Houston self storage specials on a free truck rental or one-month free rent for new customers. It’s our way of saying of welcoming you to Houston. Contact us to
learn more.

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