Tips for Flood Proof Storage

Thursday May 19, 2016

As longtime Houston residents are already aware, flooding can cause significant damage and cost a fortune on unforeseen repairs. Since flooding can happen in a moment’s notice, it can be difficult to fully prepare without the proper information and tools.

Here are our top tips for flood proof storage to help ensure that your valuables are safe during the next storm season.

1. Invest in Flood Insurance.

If you place items in storage, you may need a separate policy for storage insurance. Your homeowners insurance may not cover items not kept in your home (or may only partially cover it), and it may not cover flooding at all. Storage insurance policies are usually relatively inexpensive. For example, Fortegra Insurance has policies around $10-$20 per month.

2. Pack Well.

When you pack your storage unit, put valuables on a shelf or platform to raise them off the ground. Use pallets for furniture pieces that can’t go on a shelf.

Don’t stuff boxes so full that items will spill out and be damaged. It’s better to use more boxes and pack them less tightly so your items are secure and can breathe.

3. Use Flood Proof Storage Containers.

Storing as many items as possible in waterproof containers is a good backup measure. You can find waterproof storage containers and even watertight safes online.

You can pack important documents and papers in Ziploc bags. (But remember you should always make digital and print copies as well for backup.)

Pro Tip: Consider putting a bag of charcoal in the storage unit to protect your things from any added moisture and unpleasant odors. But be sure to not place the bag against or near your stuff as your valuables could get damaged.

4. Find a Secure, Climate-Controlled Storage Unit for Your Belongings.

Select a Houston storage unit to keep your valuables high and dry with a history of not flooding. Check out the security measures the facility has in place, and consider renting on a higher floor. It’s also wise to choose a Houston self storage provider that provides climate controlled units to protect your belongings from humidity and possible moisture damage during the storm. Climate controlled storage units also provide cooler temperatures in case a power outage occurs.

For more information about flood proof storage, contact us to learn more on how we can protect your belongings from the Houston elements.

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