Houston Storage – Storing and Protecting Property from Flooding

Thursday May 19, 2016

Widespread flooding in the Houston area has caused considerable property damage for residents all over. As longtime Houston residents are already aware, flooding can cause significant damage and cost a fortune on unforeseen repairs. Since flooding can happen in a moment’s notice, it can be difficult to fully prepare without the proper information and tools.

As a result, residents should look for the best Houston storage options and protect their property in advance of the next major flood. While this recent Houston flood was historic in its scope, there are a few preventative measures that people can take to ensure that their valuables are kept safe.

1. Invest in Flood Insurance.

Before looking for a Houston storage location to protect your items,determine if you may be eligible for flood insurance through organizations like the National Flood Insurance (NFIP). Through its sister group FloodSmart, the NFIP can determine whether there are flood insurance agents in your area. In the event of a flood that caused property damage, you’ll want to take photos or video of your water-damaged belongings in order to document the damage for your insurance company, as this will help expedite the claims process.

2. Repair Old Leaks and Cracks

Once flooding occurs, it’s already too late to stem the tide and place your belongings in a Houston storage unit. Therefore, it’s best to be pro-active and make your home as flood-proof as possible beforehand, including fixing any leaks and cracks that could potentially lead to long-term damage. You may want to invest in a thorough house inspection to check for any openings through which water can enter. In the event that flooding does occur inside your home, there are immediate measures you can take to prevent further damage.

3. Plan for Potential Flooding Emergencies

Take immediate precautions should you have any reason to believe that flooding may be dangerous in your area. The safety of both yourself and your family, rather than that of your belongings, should be your paramount concern. Ideally, you’ll have a to-go kit prepared that includes such items as warm clothes, food or snacks, toiletries, and an emergency kit. It is also important that you stayed tuned to Houston’s Emergency Notification System for updates from local and state authorities on such issues as highway traffic, evacuation procedures, and so on.

4. Find a Houston Storage Unit for Your Belongings

Since flooding is most likely to occur in the basement or ground levels, it is recommended that you transport your belongings to higher ground. If you don’t have an attic to place your antique furniture, irreplaceable photos or priceless artwork, then consider renting a Houston storage unit to keep your valuables high and dry. Cherished belongings like family photos or expensive furniture can be easily stored in a Houston storage unit and protected in the event of flooding.

For more information about our Houston storage units, contact us to learn more on how we can protect your belongings from the Houston elements.

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