How to Find Cheap Summer Storage for College Students

Friday May 3, 2019

When you’re leaving college for the summer and packing up your dorm room, what are your options for storing your stuff? You’ve got all the stuff you need to be a fully functioning student – furniture, appliances, books and bedding – but you likely won’t need any of these things again until fall.

Why Consider Storage Units?

Storage units can provide a cost-effective option so you don’t have to drive or fly with all your items. They’re especially useful for college students who live far away from home or are going abroad for the summer. Plus, even if you can drive home, you might not have space to store everything in your entire dorm in your home for a summer.

Enter storage units. They’re likely cheaper than paying for multiple checked bags on an airplane, and you can store your items near your campus. Many units, like Big Tex Storage, give you flexible month-to-month rental options so you only pay for the time you need, leaving you free to travel or relax for the summer.

How Can You Find Cheap Summer Storage Units?

Preferably the storage place you select will give you free use of their dollies and moving truck so you can save that expense.

You can find a place with month-to-month rent without needing to sign a contract. Make sure you know about any extra fees before you sign anything. Some “cheap storage units” try to hide multiple fees each month or require a deposit. (At Big Tex, there’s just a one-time administration fee and you don’t have to sign any contracts. We just ask for a 10-day notice before you move out.)

You can also select a smaller unit so you are only paying for storage space you need.

What Size Should You Get?

Most college students can get by with a smaller a 5×5 storage unit, 5×7.5 storage unit or a 5×10 storage unit.

5×5 Storage Unit

5×7.5 Storage Unit

5×10 Storage Unit

A 5×5 storage unit can hold a twin mattress, clothing, boxes and small chest of drawers as can the larger 5×7.5 unit. A 5×10 storage unit can fit a queen mattress, sofa, dresser or other big furniture. All of these sizes are at least 10 feet tall so you can stack items as needed.

What Should You Look for in College Summer Storage Facilities?

Climate control: The summer is hot in Texas – so you may want to consider climate controlled units if you have delicate items. Our Garden Oaks, Montrose and River Oaks locations offer climate-controlled storage so you don’t have to worry about the summer heat affecting your belongings.

Pest control: Summer storage facilities should have regular pest control of all units and areas.

Security: Cheap storage units should still have security. Look for storage facilities with cameras, gates and computerized codes to enter. You’ll also want to buy or bring a lock for your unit.

Convenience: Covered loading docks are nice in case of moving during rain, and roll-up doors make it easier to move in without worrying about who’s holding a door open. Facilities often have locks and moving supplies you can purchase there, and you can likely find summer storage facilities near your campus.

Making a reservation: The summer months are peak storage times with families and college students moving. We recommend reserving your space at least a week in advance so you can be sure to get the spot you want.

Questions to Ask Before Renting a Storage Unit

  • What’s the cost per month?
  • What other fees or deposits do I pay?
  • Do I need to have insurance?
  • How much notice do I need to give before moving out?
  • Do I need to sign a contract or can I rent month-to-month?
  • What’s the minimum amount of time I can rent a space?
  • Are units climate controlled?
  • What are the security features?
  • Do you have pest control?
  • Do you have use of a moving truck and dollies?
  • Do I bring my own lock?
  • What specials do you have for new customers?
  • What are the hours I can move in or access my belongings?
  • Do I need to make a reservation to move in?

Big Tex’s College Summer Storage Options

At Big Tex Storage, you don’t have to sign a contract to store your stuff, and you can pay month-to-month.

We have options in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, and they are all secure, with an easy covered loading dock. We have moving boxes and supplies for purchase and four locations near University of Houston, Rice University, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston , University of St. Thomas, Texas Southern University and Baylor College of Medicine.

We make it easy to quickly move your stuff so you can head home to reconnect with family, take a vacation and catch up on sleep.

Contact us to learn more about convenient, cheap storage units for college students.

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