5 Ways to Protect Your Stuff Long-Term in a Storage Unit

Monday October 10, 2022
How not to pack and stack boxes in a storage unit to protect all your items.

How not to pack and stack boxes in a storage unit to protect all your items.

Self-storage units are a great way to preserve and take care of valuable possessions that may not fit in your home. However, the rules that apply for storing items for 3-4 months don’t always get the job done if you’re planning to use a storage unit for multiple years. Here are five ways to make sure your stuff stays in prime condition long-term in a storage unit.

1. First, Consider If Your Items Have Special Needs

You can use self storage units for most items in your possession. However, some items will need special consideration and protection. For example, items like wines, antiques, old photographs, wedding dresses, and more will require a climate-controlled storage unit. These units utilize HVAC systems, thermostats, and dehumidifiers to keep temperatures and humidity consistent throughout the year. 

2. Properly Pack Your Items

To better preserve your items, ensure you have enough boxes to store all of your items. Expert packing and moving tips include not storing fragile items under heavy ones. Try to break apart larger items like furniture. Doing so makes transporting them a breeze, and you can better protect them when packing. You should also avoid partially- or loosely-filled cardboard boxes which can be flimsy and tip over more easily. Consider upgrading to sturdy plastic bins for partial loads like this.

3. Make Sure Everything is Clean Before Packing

Don’t forget to clean and wash everything before packing to avoid bad smells and mold growth. Cleaning can also prevent pest infestations inside your Houston storage units. Some storage owners find success using tools like mothballs to keep those annoying pests away. 

4. Wrap Fragile Items

Carefully wrapping items that can be easily broken is essential. Using bubble wrap is a great, affordable option. Other items like furniture might not be in danger of breaking, but they may require furniture coverings, tarps, plastic sheets, etc., to prevent damage from moisture and/or surface scratches. 

5. Consider Using Pallets

Moisture can occur even in a climate-controlled storage unit, and the floor is often a huge culprit. Avoid this mistake by putting down pallets to give your belongings a little bit of elevation. 

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