Storing Holiday Party Supplies

Friday November 30, 2018

It’s already the time of year for holiday gatherings, cooking large meals, and displaying seasonal decorations. When you only use these items for a single season, it can be challenging to figure out how to store them when not in use. The solutions below can help you manage these items for the time that you need them.

Holiday Decorations

The good news about artificial Christmas trees is that they can last years with proper care. The bad news is that they take up a lot of space. They are also heavy and bulky, making it difficult to move an artificial tree up the stairs or place it in an attic. One creative solution is to purchase a rolling case and place your tree inside of it. If the case is big enough, you won’t need to disassemble your tree and it will be ready to put up straight from the case next year.

Depending on how many you own, Christmas tree ornaments can also take up a lot of space. Many are delicate, easily breakable, and have strong sentimental value as well. A better solution than wrapping each individual ornament in newspaper and placing them in a box is to invest in an ornament container designed specifically for this purpose. The containers come with several shelves to help easily organize your ornament collection and keep it safe. You can relax knowing these items are safe and secure at our storage facility during the off-season.

What to Do with Holiday Cooking Supplies After the Season Ends

Are you in charge of cooking holiday meals? If so, you may not want to keep the pots, pans, special appliances and serving materials that you use for holiday cooking in the kitchen all year round.

One creative way to free up space is to place your bowls, pots, and pans inside of each other starting with the largest item and then stacking up from there. Not only does this give you additional space in the cupboard, but it also provides cushioning for your kitchen equipment and protects it from breakage. Placing these items in off-site storage at Big Tex leaves you plenty of room to store other items that you use more frequently.

Keep Your Home Free of Holiday Clutter with Off-Site Storage

Off-site storage is always an excellent idea for seasonal items like Christmas trees and large cooking equipment. It remains in climate-controlled storage where you know it’s safe until you need it again. Big Tex offers a range of storage options to meet the needs of any household this holiday season and would be happy to help you select the most appropriate storage space.

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