What Items Don’t Belong in Storage Units Houston?

Thursday June 9, 2016

Many of your belongings can be stored in our storage units Houston, from paper documents for your business to extensive wine collections. What some people seem to forget, however, is that not everything belongs in storage units. And when you’ve been in the self-storage game as long as Big Tex has, you see people try to store just about anything and everything!

Just as a refresher, here are some of the items that can be stored (preferably in a climate-controlled unit):

  • Furniture (such as couches and chairs)
  • Electronics (such as computers and TVs)
  • Appliances (such as refrigerators and vacuums)
  • Clothing (such as heavy coats and boots)
  • Valuables (such as dishes and silverware)
  • Paper Items (such as books and manuscripts)
  • Nonperishable food (such as canned goods and bottled water)

Now that we’ve reviewed the items that could go in storage units Houston, let’s examine the kinds of items that shouldn’t be stored.

Perishable Food

Some perishable food items, such as produce or meat, should definitely not be kept in storage because it can rot and spoil in Houston’s humid climate. The FDA recommends keeping the temperature of your food at 40°F, which means even a climate-controlled unit (whose lowest temperature is 65°F) wouldn’t be equipped to keep such food fresh over the long haul.


Depending on the storage facility, so firearms and swords may be stored, so be sure to inquire about their policies before renting a storage unit. With that said, it’s generally not advisable to keep deadly weapons in your unit in the off chance that someone breaks into it—if you’d still rather keep your firearm in a storage unit, at least make sure that it isn’t loaded.

Flammable or Explosive Material

Gasoline, kerosene, or other explosive material should not be kept in storage if they are hazardous when spilled or shaken. Such materials can become dangerous if they are not stored or handled properly, which is why don’t belong in a storage unit that’s visited infrequently.


Your pets cannot be properly cared for in a self-storage unit and therefore shouldn’t be kept in one. Doing so is both considered inhumane and illegal, and will lead to you being reported by the facility manager. If you’re unable to care for your pets, we recommend keeping them in a kennel or shelter.


While some plants can survive in tough conditions, they are ill-suited to a storage unit environment, as they need water and regular exposure to sunlight to survive. Without these things, they will soon die and attract pests.


Garbage and trash items definitely belong in a dump and not in a storage unit. Not only will garbage cause your unit to stink, it’ll also bring about pests and potentially ruin other items in your unit, particularly organic materials like furniture and clothing.

Illegal Items

No matter the reason, illegal items that can’t be safely housed in your home, including drugs or stolen property, won’t be tolerated by a storage facility either. If and when your stash is discovered, the storage manager will immediately contact the authorities and you’ll get arrested.

Finally, even though it should probably go without saying — people can’t make a storage facility their full-time residence, as that is illegal. However, you can use the unit as a workshop or office space so long as your storage facility doesn’t have reason to suspect you’re living in the unit 24/7.

For more information on our storage units Houston, contact us to learn more and see why Big Tex Storage is rated as one of the best in Houston!

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