Aug 13, 2018

The kids are back at school as you check out the living room. It's come to a point where you have designated pathways around the mounds of things so you don't step on anything. It's time to declutter your home while the house is empty. Grab the garbage bags, line up the storage containers or new boxes and get the Houston self storage unit ready. Here are some fast tips to reorganize and reclaim your home again during the school year. Prepare Before You Begin Before you start your decluttering journey,

Apr 24, 2018

Any moment you may be deployed overseas. You also have to worry about what will happen to your belongings while you are away. Luckily, you don't have to worry about your personal belongings, electronics, appliances or vehicle when you take advantage of a Houston self-storage provider. KEEP INTERIOR POSSESSIONS SECURE By using self-storage, military service members have greater control over how personal possessions are protected. You don't need to have someone go over to your apartment or home to inspect things occasionally if you are worried about a break-in. Instead, a

Jan 17, 2018

When you put some of your personal belongings into storage long-term, you always run the risk of sustaining damage to them due to humidity. This is one reason why you could benefit from climate-controlled storage units. Below we discuss some of the most common items to place in Houston climate-controlled storage. Effects of Humidity and Moisture on Your Personal Items Humidity and moisture can wreak havoc on your oldest and most valuable possessions. Unfortunately, storing them in your garage, closet, or a storage unit without climate control leaves them vulnerable to

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